Sunday, 18 January 2015

Who can shout the loudest competition |


This is just going to be a short post today about family. I love my family but sometimes it can feel like I'm living in a who can shout the loudest contest. I don't mean arguing, no not at all but what I mean is that trying to get a word in a conversation can be challenging. If I'm talking then the chances are someone else will interrupt, instead of letting me finish I will be over shadowed by anther person.

When all the family are together it is a bit ridiculous, so many people try to speak at once which means everyone gets louder just to be heard. Now me and me cousin are the quietest of the family so we just sort of chat to each other instead. My whole life can seem like a who can shout the loudest competition just because its like a fight to be heard, I sometimes feel like what I have to say is just not important, there's always someone who has something more interesting to say. What I find funny is when my family say "what's wrong, you've been really quiet". I haven't been quiet, in fact I have been talking for ages but because I dint feel like entering this contest, they just assume I'm upset or quiet.

Does anyone else have a family like this? I love them to pieces but sometimes it would be nice for people to actually listen to me and not interrupt. I think this is why I love this blog so much, I can talk to you all about things that I want to talk about without being interrupted.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for now xxx

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