Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday 28th January 2015 | Dream journal


I didn't really know whether or not I should write this one, I woke up almost in tears like the dream had escaped and got into the normal world. Parts of my dream were really great but it just turned nasty towards the end. So here goes, I dreamt that a family member was going up the secondary school and the school was next door to us, I feel protective over my family so maybe that's why we were constantly checking if we could see them to see if they were okay.

 The next thing I know some family friends came over but they brought their son who was my age, this seemed weird because all their children are grown up and they don't have kids my age. I wont lie to you all, I had a little bit of a dream crush on him, he was sweet, trendy and wore "geek" glasses and apparently that's that what I look for when looking for love, I don't why I dreamt this person up, I don't know anyone like him so it was very strange but nice at the same time, haha. They had these boxes which after they left I was told they had things for me in them from the family friends and their son. I opened them up to see two beautiful baby pink antique jewellery boxes and a trunk. They were the most beautiful thing I had seen. They had little gold detailing around them and had a gorgeous floral print on the top of them. It had a not in it that said "The ones like you had when you were little", Ive never had anything like that, not even when I was little so that was odd but hey, a dreams a dream for a reason. After they left we had to crawl through all these little hiding places dotted around the house, I don't know where I was going but it was leading me to weird and wonderful places, I was going on my own little adventure. They looked a little bit like this;

It jumped forward to me and my parent (I'm not saying which one just because I don't really want to, if they saw it they might get upset about what my dream was about) sitting on our couch watching TV, there was a clip of the school next door and this girl  saying how she had hit my cousin because he sneezed, I rewound the TV so I could hear it again to make sure I knew who she was, I wanted to get her in trouble for what she had done. My parent to me how selfish I was, I think it was because I rewound the TV to look at the clip again but it escalated into a massive argument, mostly one sided.  I ran into my room crying and I then I woke up gasping for breath. I was really panicked. I don't have a clue why I was arguing with them but it was horrible, my parents are so lovely and kind and they would never do that but I was really scared in my dream, well more like a nightmare.

I looked on dreamforth to see if I could make sense of this dream, "To dream that you have a crush on somebody mirrors the same fondness and physical attraction you have for a particular person in your waking life". No comment on this particular bit of information ;).....lets move on shall we. "To dream that you are given a gift suggests your good luck in prosperity and love. You are being recognised for a job well done and others are respecting you for it". I haven't really received any gifts lately so I don't think this means anything. On to the argument "To dream that you are in an argument implies that you are deeply disturbed about some inner struggle or situation in your life. Pay attention to the other person in the argument and the subject matter. Perhaps this person is mirroring a certain personality trait that you possess". I don't think this has anything to do with the argument in the dream, maybe I'm just letting stress get to me.

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