Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13th January 2015 | Dream journal

So last night I had a weird dream that I was at a circus but I was in a game like Mario and Luigi. I don't have a clue why I was at a circus but I was there with people from shows I've watched. There were people from 'would I lie to you?' which is a comedy panel show and there was also a few people from harry potter. It was weird because they were characters and not the actors, it was very strange seeing Draco Malfoy and Lavender Brown at the circus with me but at least Voldemort wasn't there.

As I always do now, I looked on dreamforth and had a little look to see if it could shed some light on the dream I had. It said To dream that you are just at the circus can mean that you are portraying a false image to those around you. You are hiding behind a facade; perhaps afraid to reveal your emotions. This is definitely wrong, I don't hide behind a facade and I'm perfectly happy to reveal my emotions.

 I don't really know why I dreamt I was in a game like Mario but I think I dreamt about Draco Malfoy and Lavender Brown because I saw the actor who played Lavender on a TV show the night before and I stumbled across 'Voldemort's daughter' on wattpad which I got engrossed in before I went to bed. I'm sorry this dream wasn't hat exciting but I cant control them unfortunately so enjoy my crazy dream.

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