Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday 31st January 2015 | Dream journal

Last night I had a bit of a weird mix of dreams that merged together. I was in a pub with some of my friends, I don't know where this pub was but it looked like the pub on hot fuzz. I was playing on one of the fruit machines and I won £1500 and I cant tell you how excited I was. I had to get my friend to claim the money for me because I was to young to be using it. The next part of my dream involved me, my aunt and cousin in a sweet shop that was at the bottom of a really tall house which had loads of floor. I got dumped with look after this girl that I really don't like and I she kept on climbing the stairs and going up to the highest floor of the house. There weren't  normal stairs, they were just like ladders and they were really narrow. I had to make sure she didn't fall down them so I had to follow her all the way to the top, I called her mum and asked when she would be home but she said she didn't know, at that point the girl was really rude to me so I climbed back down and left her there. 

The next part of my dream involved with really weird dentists office that had really old fashioned furniture in it, Tom Felton was in the waiting room as well which was very odd. I think he keeps popping up in my dream because I'm watching murder in the first. When we left the dentist we were in a car driving down these little country lanes. Alfie Deyes was there as well and we got out the car and had to go and look for help, I don't know what had happened but we had to walk over all these rocks and buts of wood that were just floating on the water, I panicked and told Alfie that we needed to go back. We went back to the car but the car had turned into a caravan and my mum told me that there were these monsters that were going round the area, we had to hide and as soon as I hid I heard the noise of the door open and heavy footsteps coming toward where I was hiding, I was so scared. After that I woke up.

I looked on dreamforth and this is what it said "To dream about being at a dentist's office suggests that there is occasional concern about the honesty of someone close to you. You may sense that somethings not quite right with them, but in the long term, this concern will benefit you". To dream that you are scared denotes that you are experiencing feelings of low self-worth and uselessness. You no longer hold power over some aspect of your life. You may feel rage towards someone or something". I don't really thing this really means anything to my life but it was nice to have a little look and it was quite interesting.

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