Sunday, 4 January 2015

Plans for 2015

This is year I have (In my opinion) some pretty exciting things happening and since I will no doubt be blogging about them, I wanted to talk to you about my plans for this year. The rest of the year will no doubt be as boring as this year but I thought it was only fair I let you know what I have planned. This includes my plans and what I hope to have achieved at certain points in the year. I hope you don't find this do boring or repetitive.

January | 
This month I'm supposed to be going away for the weekend with my parents, a much as I want to go I debating having a relaxing writing weekend at home. I do want to go away but it depends how I'm feeling I suppose. 

February | 
Ive not got much planned but I do have some great posts that will be going up and I think they will be great discussion posts. I am also planning to have about a quarter of my book finished.

March | 
I want to be on my diet properly in march, I mean I should be on it now but by March I want to be committed to my diet so I can get a bit more healthier.

April |
I'm going to see McBusted which is really exciting. I'm not to worried if I go or not which is weird considering how excited I am. I'm trying to sell my tickets just because its going to cost me a bit to get to London which I don't mind but because I don't have that much money spare it would be better for me to sell my tickets. Obviously if I don't sell the tickets I know I'll have a brilliant night but I'm unsure whether or not I'm actually going at this point.

May | 
By may I want half my book written up in draft so that the main part is done. I also might do a whole month blogging again. I know I'm trying to daily blog at the minute but I'm planning to blog every day in May.

June | 
By June I'm really hoping to have a few more followers on this blog and for my content to have improved a lot. I'm also planning to get rid of quite a lot of stuff that I don't need so I'll probably do a car boots sale to get ride of all that.

July |
July is a very special month for me because I turn 18!
I haven't really been excited for a birthday like I am for this one, I think because this birthday will make me feel more like an adult and I this year I finally know what direction I want my life to go in. For an early birthday present I'm going to see Ed Sheeran with my sister and her best friend. I cant even explain how excited I am for this. I have wanted to see Ed Sheeran perform live for years and the fact that I'm goint to see him perform my favourite album is so exciting for me. Also I can finally get an ebay account which is exciting considering I find lot of doctor who bits on bobs on there.

August |
August is normally quite family orientated, my cousins are off school and we spend quality time as family together  which is always really lovely. I'm not sure if we are going away on holiday, I'm hoping we can go away to Devon or Dorset, those places really mean something to me and it would be great to go back there.

September | 
September for me marks the start of Autumn, I know its technically still summer but from September the first I love getting ready for winter.

October |
I'm hoping this year to do some great Halloween posts, including pumpkin carving and costume ideas. Like always I will have no Halloween party's to go to, so I'll probably spend the night watching scream.

November |
In my opinion November is officially time to get ready for Christmas. No doubt I will spend most of November getting everyone's presents ready for Christmas.

December |
December is by far my favourite month of the year and since I had such fun last year, I shall be doing blogmas again. This time I hope to do more baking and more fun things in general.

I realise that these are solid plans for next year but its what I hope to have achieved and what I want to do, as we all know plans can change. Sometimes for worse but sometimes for the better.

Bye for now xxx

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