Thursday, 29 January 2015

Monthly favourites | January 2015


Make up;
I'm going to include nail varnish in this because I don't wear a lot of make up. This month I have been loving the Tanya burr nail varnish in the shade Little duck. I think this is such a beautiful colour to brighten up your January, its a lovely spring colour and just makes me really happy.

Lush product;
The drummers drumming wand is really lovely. It got two little bells on it so when you wish it round your bath it makes a cute little sound, well that was until they fell of in the bath. This is a really lovely product that was in the lush Christmas range. I like that it has a really light fragrance and it smelt lovely and relaxing. It also made the water really soft, that sounds weird but it made my skin feel really soft. It turns the bath a pale orange and create really glistening and silky bubbles. This is pink on one side and yellow on the other.

The perks of being a wallflower. I watched this for the first time yesterday and I loved it. I hadn't read the book so I didn't have the knowledge of the story and in a way I think that was a good thing. I didn't have something to base it on and point out pieces they cut out. I really loved the whole film and I think the acting was brilliant, also I just want to point out the I think Emma Watson has a great American accent. I really want to read the book so I can compare it to the film and get more detail, I think when books are made into films they take so many little details away which I love knowing. 

I have been grazing on crackers a lot. I do love crackers and when you add butter and a teeny tiny smidge of marmite my taste buds go into overdrive. I cant ever express my love for this simple food but yeah I have been nibbling on crackers whilst writing a lot this month.

TV series;
I have two favourites this month, I just think there has been some amazing TV on this month. I'm going to start with murder in the first, if you live in America then its already been aired but here in the UK it air in the 16th January and I was so excited. I partly wanted to watch it because Tom Felton is in it but when I watched it I was hooked with the main charters. There individual stories are brilliant and I'm hooked, I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrows episode. It's on fox at 10pm.

Last but certainly not least is Top Gear. As most of you regular readers may have gathered, I'm not the typical girly girl. Someone even said to me a few months ago "I did no picture you as a Top Gear girl" and I was slightly proud. I love Top Gear and I have my dad to thank for that. I have grown up with a pretty good knowledge and love of cars (I cant drive, just to let you know). My dad loves Top Gear and I think that has rubbed of on me and my sister. Some people find Jeremy Clarkson offensive but I wont lie to you all, while half of the stuff he says is offensive the other half is quite funny......Feel free to judge me for that opinion. I really love this show and I think this has helped develop my love of fast cars and beautiful driving roads. 

Strange one this month and very immature. I have been spending a lot more time with my little cousin and I love doing that as its funny to hear the little conversations my cousin comes out with and its pretty funny watching the thought process they go through. We were reading Barbies swan lake which is a book I used to love when I was little, I remember that my dad got me the doll which had beautiful glittery wings that lit up with a gorgeous blue glow. Its a really childish book but it brought back memories of my childhood and made me appreciate what I had when I was little.


Ellie steadman | Channel | Twitter | Blog

I have really been loving Ellie's videos, she has such a lovely spirit and her personality just shines through in her videos. She is also a massive Disney fan which makes me love her even more considering my love of all things Disney. Her videos are really great and this is a very weird thing to say but I love her wallpaper and I really want to know where she got it, yes I am jealous of her wallpaper because its just so pretty. I think you should all head on over to her channel and subscribe because I think you will love her.

Something I need by one republic but the cover version by another amazing person on Youtube, click the link to go to her channel because she has such an amazing voice, just  head on over to her channel and have a listen for yourself.

My cookie monster onesie. Its great for just laying about writing my blog posts.

Knitting, yep that's right I've started knitting. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm actually an 80year old living in a 17year olds body. I wanted to try it and well one thing led to another and well......just take a look at this but little bunny. 

Thank you Dodie for uploading the video I got this idea from and it actually taught me how to knit. If any of you are look for a way to seem socially awkward then just take up knitting, I have nothing to loose considering I'm a pretty awkward person anyway so one more thing wont make to much of a difference.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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