Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday 26th January 2015 | Dream journal

Last night I dreamt that I was at a cinema, it was really modern and had loads of Starbucks dotted around the place. I couldn't find the ticket office and was just wandering round for ages. I got lost in the queue for a Starbucks so I ended up just leaving the queue. When it got to the time when the film was about to start I started to see a few people from my old school and they were all going to see the same film as me. At this point I didn't have a clue what I was going to see I everyone was really excited about it. I lost my bag and I only realised when I got into the cinema screening room, I had to clamber past all these people but I was annoyed that I was going to miss this film. I dreamt that it was another Harry Potter film where it showed you what everyone did after the war. It got to a crucial moment aka, when Draco Malfoy appears and then I was out of the room. I was looking for my bag in the corridor but it had changed, there were tonnes of doors, big and small and every door I opened led me into a really weird room. I finally found my bag tucked underneath a plant and then everyone came out from the screening room. I was asking my sister loads of questions and she told me all about the film.I find it very odd that I dreamt there was another Harry Potter but maybe it is a sign that J.K Rowling should write just one more. 

I looked on dreamforth like I always do and here's what it said "To dream of losing something reflects a similar scenario in your waking life. Perhaps you have misplaced an important item, but have not yet realized it. Your dream may be a reminder to put some order in your life. You are swamped with work and this has been resulting in distractions. Do not lose focus and tackle a chore one at a time. Figuratively, losing things in your dream may indicate missed opportunities, past relationships, or neglected facets of your life. You may properly gauge the emotional context and interpretation of your dream by paying attention to the item lost in your dream.” I don't think this applies to me but I do lose a lot of things so hopefully this doesn't mean I've lost something important.

Bye for now xxx

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