Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday 12th January 2015 | Dream journal

So last night I only had about 4 hours sleep which meant I had a very short dream, in that very short dream I did some weird things and because I'm a very giving person, once again I'm sharing them with you lovely readers.

So at the start I was back in school with my old friends. One of them wasn't there and he had met these other people who I didn't recognise. It felt so real like I actually was back at school but something seemed different. The dream then jumped ahead to a train which was full of all the people from my school but it was like the tube. I was sitting with the girls and chatting when we saw the other girl, she was ring so nasty and acting like she didn't know us when she used to be close. I still didn't know who who she was with and that still remains a mystery. A bit later I was walking through the train carriages and it all looked like the Hogwarts express, unfortunately in this dream I wasn't a wizard and I wasn't on my way to Hogwarts.
My friends had vanished and had left me a note saying they didn't have time to spend with me, I was shocked but happy which seemed weird. Three girls I knew showed up and we had a great conversation, someone else showed up as well which was a nice surprise and at the point they turned up in my dream I woke up.

Recently I have been thinking about when I was at school and how I felt within my group of friends, this is something I might post about in the future. I think the fact that the three girls I knew were in my dream after my other friends had ditched me showed me so my friends really are. I've been chatting them lately and It genuinely makes me smile when I talk to them, it's people who still make time to talk when yo don't see them that are worth keeping in Your life because the actually care. According to Dreamforth A dream about a moving train signifies the current journey you are on. Which is true as at the minute am on my own little journey with writing. It also says Seeing other passengers suggests much effort exerted in gaining the approval of others. I think this part is very clear for the areas of the dream where I am with school friends. At school I felt I needed to seek approval as I never felt I could just be myself, the fact that I say people who make me happy and who I can be myself with showed me that maybe I have finally grown up and have outgrown people I used to know.

Bye for now xxx

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