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Make up brush collection | Real Techniques

I don't wear a lot of make up and I don't wear it that often but I wanted to show you the brushes I have and which ones I normally use. Obviously this wont be for everyone but if you want to take a look then feel free to keep reading. The creators of these brushed have a YouTube channel which I'm sure you have all heard about, its called Pixiwoo and they do amazing make up tutorials and are both beautiful and stunning, I obviously wont look like that when I have on make up but its nice to just try the looks out, even if your not going anywhere.

I just want to start of by telling you about the Real Techniques set I got in the boxing day sales, well the set my mum got me. I got the travel essentials set which I really wanted to get so when my mum got it out of the shopping bag I got a bit excited. This was an absolute bargain price, I don't know if asda made a mistake but they were on sale for £5.25! Just take a minute for that to sink in. I was so shocked at the price, these brushed retail at £20.99 at I got the for a quarter of that price. I really love all the brushes and it had the one I needed which was the blusher blush. Like all the sets from real techniques, it came in the little case which doubles up as a stand. I don't normally use the stand as I just shove them all in my make up brush pot, but for the sake of the photo I kept it in.

Left to right | Essential foundation brush, Domed shadow brush and Multi task brush

I already have a brush that I use for my foundation for I might use this more to contour, I think its better because it had a nice rounded point. To be honest I don't wear make up a lot and I'm not to bothered about contouring my face but for those days where for some reason its necessary I will probably use this.

I like the domed shadow brush because I feel its easier to apply my eye shadow with and its also nice to gently blend colour.

I really wanted the multi task brush because it is perfect for blusher, I was using one of the other brushes I have but I felt it was to small and didn't apply as well. 
 Below is my collection of brushes that I have, I don't use all of them but its nice to have them just in case, if I'm honest I don't really have a clue what the purpose is for all the different brushes but with these I can manage to make myself look slightly less ugly so they do serve a purpose.

What a lovely 'arty' shot.

I have the core collection which was £20.99 from superdrug, I use most of these but there are some that I just don't feel the need to use. The core collection does not include the essential foundation brush that is in the picture below, I just put all the Orange brushes together.
Left to right | Buffing Brush, Contour brush, Essential foundation brush, Pointed foundation brush and Detailer brush

I use normally use the pointed foundation brush to dot all the foundation on my face and then I use my buffing brush to blend it all in. I think it looks much better to buff it in because then it just blends better than just smearing it on with your fingers.I use the contour brush to blend in my concealer, I know it should be used to contour my face but it feels nicer to blend my concealer with this brush. I actually don't use the detailer brush partly because I don't know what its used for and also because I'm not trying to make myself look like a work of art, I don't need to add detail. What you see is what you get. I could see myself using it if I were face paints, which I actually think are quite fun. If I ever want to turn my face into a butterfly then I will be sure to use this brush.

I also have the eye starter set which I really love. I actually got this on amazon for £11.99 but from superdrug its £20.99. Like before the domed shadow brush was not included in the set but I just grouped the colours together.
Left to right | Base shadow brush, Domed shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush, Brow brush, Accent brush and the Fine liner brush
I use the base shadow brush to apply my eye shadow so I can swoosh (What a technical term) the colour over my eye lid. I then use the deluxe crease brush to blend the colour in and to bring the colour up into the crease of my eye. I like to use the accent brush in my inner corner to apply a lighter colour to draw accentuate my eyes, what a lovely word. Accentuate. I've gone of on a tangent, sorry. I don't use the liner brush because I don't wear eye liner and that because I cant because when I apply eye liner it just looks like someone has attacked my eye with a black sharpie pen, I don't know what it is but I just cant apply eye liner properly. I use the brow brush to do my eye brows, I use this lightly and in small brush strokes to fill in my eyebrows. I have naturally bushy eyebrows but there are parts that just need to be filled in a little so this brush is perfect.

Well I hope you all enjoyed that pointless post about my make up brush collection. 

Bye for now xxx

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