Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goals for 2015

So its now officially 2015 and I wanted to share some of my goals with you all.
I want to share these goals with you because the readers of this blog have become a little part of my life and the reason I know what I want to do so I feel its only right I share my goals with you.

Be more giving | 
After watching Sprinkleofglitters video about helping others I have realised that Its important to be more giving. I want to help other people who don't have as much me. I want to donate to more charities and to help people.

Get to my goal weight | 
Weight has always been an issue for me, although I am perfectly happy and healthy I would like to get down to about 11stone. For my own confidence and health I would like to do this,  I think it will give me more body confidence and will definitely improve my health.

Increase my views on Professional Daydreamer
I am so amazed at how many people have read this blog since April and I would love that to carry on. I would love to be able to reach about 1000 views a month, that seems like a lot but last month I managed to get well over 1000 view's, that was with me daily blogging which I really enjoyed so I am going to try and write most days. I'm not going to commit to that because I don't want to let myself down. I'm going to post at least three times a week and then if I get better at blogging then I might continue daily blogging.

Let go of little worries |
2014 was full of little insecurities and worries that somehow managed to swamp my mind. I'm going to be looking into new things to help me get rid of little worries, writing about things has really helped with that. Theres something about letting all my thoughts spill out onto paper and onto my screen that makes those worries seem less important.

Improve my content |
I feel like over the past few months my content and my writing had improved a lot but I want to improve it even further. What do you all want to see from this blog. I would really love your ideas and opinions, I write this blog for the people who want to read it and I want to know what you all like reading about. Let me know in the comments what you want to see on here in the future and I can plan some post.

Be more organised | 
Being organised is something I do struggle with, I want to sort my room out so that everything I need is where it can be easily accessed. I find it so much easier to write when I have my desk all neat and tidy. I'm determined to make my blogging space as clutter free and organised.

Catch up with people |
There are people I haven't seen in a few months who I really want to catch up with this year, I think its really important to stay in touch with people who make you happy.

Talk to new bloggers | 
This year I have been fortunate to talk to a few bloggers who I like to think of as Internet friends and I want to expand that friendship. I find it really interesting talking to different bloggers to get their thoughts and opinions on different post ideas and all things blog related.

Read more books | 
I have a love of books but I haven't read much this year, all the books I have read have been brilliant and there's a whole stack that I want to read this year. My goal is to read two books a month, hopefully I can read more but if I can stick to that then that means there will be at least two book reviews each month. If you want to see what I will be reading and see some of the books I've all ready read then click this link which will take you to my virtual little book shelf.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post about my goals for 2015, I would have made some resolutions but I don't really see the point, I would rather work towards something than throw myself in at the deep end.

Bye for now xxx

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