Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday 16th January 2015 | Dream journal

So last night I dreamt that I was running, I wasn't running in a race but I was running away. I was in a shopping center at first and I started running away, I don't know why I was running but I couldn't stop. I ran through doors that normally lead me to places I know but in my dream these doors were leading me to knew and scary places, not scary as in frightening but scary in the way that they were new and unfamiliar. 

I looked on dreamforth and here's what it had to say about running "To dream that you are running away from someone suggests that you are attempting to elude a certain situation. You refuse to admit accountability for something you have done. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or other danger, then it implies that you are reluctant to confront hardship and obstacles. To dream that you are trying to run but your feet aren't moving as fast as you wish, may indicate that you feel unworthy of praise and appreciation. You feel undeserving of something. To dream that you are running alone implies that you will gain prosperity faster than your peers. Perhaps you are trying to evade an issue that you know is unfavorable or is negative. To dream that you are running with others represents future wealth and rewards.".

I don't think I was running away from someone but I was definitely running alone. I think that because the path I'm choosing to live my life and what I have decided I want to do is so different to anything people I know do, I think my dream mimics the feelings of isolation. I'm running this race in my life alone because at the minute I don't want to tell others what I want to do in fear what they will say. 

Bye for now xxx

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