Thursday, 15 January 2015

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I recently purchased some bits from bomb cosmetics for my mum. Because they are all so gorgeous I felt the urge to blog about them, I'm pretty sure mum wont mind. I normally go for lush products but I decided to look at this website because every time we go to Devon there's a really cute soap shop that sells bath bombs, soaps and all lovely bits like that. I remember that I got something from this brand and it was really good, I didn't remember what it was called for a long time and lucky for me it popped into my head just after Christmas. I think you should all pop over to their website because they do some really lovely products and they are cheaper than lush, so if lush is just a bit to expensive, I know it is for me sometimes, then this is the perfect place to go. 

So I got all these bits in the sales and they were so cheap. I will put the prices I paid for everything underneath the pictures but I might not be able to give you the normal price as these are from the Christmas range.

They came in this really pretty lilac box which says on the sides  "Keep calm and have a bath". I thought this was really lovely and colourful. When I ordered from lush the box wasn't very colourful and it just seemed like a lot more thought went into the packaging. I still love lush bit I just prefer this packaging.

In side the box it came with a free little air freshener and a tiny booklet that opens out. It tells you about the some of the products used in making then and gives you other pieces of information. I think this is quite interesting, I know other people might just throw it away but I really loved reading it. I also really liked the packing peanuts in it as they were lovely and colourful which is a nice change 
from the normal ones.

Rockin' Robin  £1.15
First I got my mum this really cute bath fizzer called 'Rockin' Robin' its really cute and smells quite chocolaty. Obviously I'm just smelling these while they are still packed but I can smell chocolate and I think we can all agree that its one of the best smells in the world. I thought my mum would like this because its got tiny glittery gold stars in it and a tiny little robin on the top.

Snowdrift Bath Creamer  £1.05

Ginger Bath Blaster  £1.15

    I got the Ginger bath blaster simply because it look really cute. I thought my mum would like it        because its pink and glittery and what girl doesn't like a bit of sparkle. This has a lovely warming ginger scent and to me this smells like Christmas.

Stocking Fizzer Blaster  £1.15
This one looked really cute and full of sparkle. I feel there is a theme running here with glitter but I just get lured in. This one smells like strawberry's and is just a nice and light fragrance. 
Chillie Millie Bath Blaster  £1.15
I thought that the chillie Millie bath blaster looked really cute. Its designed like a little snowman face and I just think it really lovely. This one smells quite fruity and I cant wait for my mum to use it. I think that its quite funny that this little snowman will, well I think that's quite funny.

Snowdrift Bath Creamer  £1.05
This bath creamer came wrapped in a hot pink wrapping paper and they even hand wrote what it was on the product, I think this is such a great personal touch. It is a small white ball which has little glitter bits on it that make it look like a glistening snow ball. This bath creamer has Frankincense and ginger oils that make it smell incredible.

I thought I would try an 'arty shot' of the products, I don't know if its worked but to be honest I don't really care. I hope you all enjoyed this little haul of the presents I got for my mum, its shame they aren't for me but she deserves a nice little treat, after all she puts up with me all the time.

Bye for now

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