Monday, 29 December 2014

It's okay to cry once in a while, right?

Today is going to be more of a chatty post or to put more simply, I'm going to talk and you will all get bored. I feel like I'm suffering from after Christmas blues. Yesterday I was feeling so emotional and I didn't know why. I just sat and cried for a little bit and to be honest I think it did me some good. I hate it when I get like that, when I'm in that mood every little thing irritates me and I just feel like my whole worlds has just tumbled down and I'm stuck in the pieces. 

Does anyone else have those days of what I like to call inner turmoil, I felt like every little thought and worry in my head just tried to run through the front door of my mind and every one of them got stuck. I couldn't shut my mind up and I couldn't work out why. Sometimes my mind seems like London in rush hour when your a tourist. Everything is happening so fast around me but I don't know where to go, I'm caught up in the hustle and bustle and I cant get out, I'm trapped. The only thing I could do was cry was a little while and as immature as that makes me sound, it helped. Its like that little door in my mind was knocked down and all those little worries and thoughts got washed away.

Sometimes I feel its okay to cry, to be sad for a few minutes. It really helps me when I'm stuck in zone, the zone where I cant cram all the thoughts back but I cant sort through them because there are to many. I'm really sorry for this post but I don't want to share it with anyone I know, and this seemed perfect to share with you. There has to be someone else who feels like this, how am I supposed to deal with it without crying?

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Bye for now xxx

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