Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hopes and Changes for 2015

2014 has been an incredible year for me and tomorrow marks the start of a completely new year, a new start. From someone on the outside looking in then it would just seem like an average year, but for me I have achieved so much more than I ever expected. I got my first job and I left my first job. I did that because I realised what I wanted from life and although I had some great times at my old job I needed to get started on my goals.

I met Zoe Sugg which meant the world to me, I have read her blog since late 2009 and have seen the successful women she has become. She has inspired me with her posts and videos and is one of the reasons I'm blogging now. 

From this blog I have realised that writing is something I want to do full time, I love writing this blog and wont stop, I have had the privilege to talk to blogger's like myself who help me when I need it and give me that bit of inspiration I need. I don't just want to write this blog, I want to became an author, something which is very hard to get into I know, but what's the harm in trying. I have some many ideas and stories in my head that I cant wait to put in to words on paper or on my laptop. I'm in the middle of writing now which is incredibly exciting, last night I wrote 2,000 words which is really good for me. When I was at school English seemed hard, I don't like being given topics to write about, I like freedom with my writing and I cant tell you how amazing it feels to see my words on a screen in front of me. This book will obviously never get published, I'm not deluded but I can be kept waiting for a day where If I have the money I could self publish.

This year I want to focus on my blog and writing. I feel I have come a long way since I started this little blog in April, granted I only have five followers but all the best blogger's started small. I don't want fame, that's not my scene but if I can inspire people write, read, bake and follow their dreams then I would be the happiest girl on this planet.

I want to get fitter and healthier so starting from Thursday I will be joining Louise with #Glittergetsfitter. I am happy with the person I am and I don't want to change me, but I want to get healthier and fitter so I can feel more confident doing certain things. I might start a little section on this blog about it, Like a health and fitness part. I give it its own page so you can go specifically to it, and if your not interested in that then it wont appear on my normal page. This idea might not work simply on the basis that I don't have great track record where dieting is concerned.

I want to have a more relaxed mind next year and however weird that may sound, I just want to have a more organised mind. At the minute I cant seem to switch off, its like my mind has hundreds of tabs open and I cant close them. I have looked into yoga and meditation which has actually helped a little. I have downloaded this app which is basically a meditation guide and it talks through all different ways to calm your mind, and clear it. This might be really silly to some of you but for those of you who are in the same situation as me, I urge you to get apps like this as they actually do work.

Spontaneity is something I want next year. I want to be more spontaneous and go on little adventure. I think because I'm so set I'm my ways that gets in the way of me living sometimes. Sometimes I do realise that I'm existing and not living and I want to change that.

I also really want to make a YouTube video, the only issue is that I'm to nervous and I don't want anyone I know to see it. If you could block a certain area of the world from viewing it then I would probably do it, I really enjoy making little videos now but I cant imagine sharing them with the world, I guess that's why I like blogging. I can be completely my without showing my face and for the time being that how I want it to stay, just until I have that little bit more confidence.

I want to make more blogging friends, I really love the fact that I can talk about writing and post ideas without seeming incredible weird. I love that this year I have connected with people that I would never have imagined I would talk to, I have people read my blog in over seven different countries. I know that's a tiny amount compared to other blog's but I love the idea that someone in America or France is reading this blog.

My final thing I want hope for 2015 is that I can let go of feeling that have been eating away at me, I cant change things that have happened and I cant go back. I want to let go of the things that make me sad, there will always be part of me that looks back and wonders but at the end of the day I need to make my own happiness and not dwell on what I would have never had.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, it took me a little while for me to write this and I would love to know what your hopes are for 2015.

Leave a comment below so I can be nosey.

Bye for now xxx

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