Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas day 14 | Zoella beauty range


This post has jsut been sitting in my draft box for a few months now so I thought it was time I uploaded it. The Zoella beauty range is something that I was extremely excited to get my hands on. I have been a fan of Zoe's since late 2009 when she just had her blog and well, look how far she has come!

I got everything in the range and I actually thought the pricing was quite reasonable. I love all the products but the one I love the most has to be the candle. The packaging on all the products is really cute and the names of the products are really lovely. 

I got all my Zoella beauty products from superdrug, I know they are selling the products on feel unique as well but it was more convenient to get them from a local superdrug.

What I got |

Candle | £5

Body lotion | £5

Pink make-up bag/Pencil case| £8

Teal make-up bag/Pencil case| £8

Body mist | £8

I've lost some of the other photos but I really loved all the products.

All the products smell really nice, they are not to strong and have a subtle scent. I actually cant describe the scent but it smells very nice. These would make great little stocking fillers for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Have you got any of the Zoella beauty products? What's your favourite?

Bye for now xxx

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