Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas day 9 | Fifteen Festive Favoruites tag

After watching Tom Fletcher's fifteen festive favourites tag I decided that I would give it a go. Anyone can do this tag, not that anyone will as not many people read this blog. With that in mind I will tag one person and that persons is Bria Lou. If you click her name then it will lead you to her amazing blog.

Lets begin this fifteen festive favourites tag.

Whats your favourite?

Festive food | 
Pigs in blankets, simply because they are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

Reindeer | 
Rudolph, no one really likes him at the start but then he basically becomes Santa's favourite.

Day of Christmas |
 5 gold rings, only because I think this is the bit that everyone definitely know and the rest sometimes involves bit of guess work.

Christmas song | 
All I want for Christmas by Maria Carey. I do love badly singing this at Christmas and trying to hit that high note.

Christmas present | 
Comedy DVDs, I love stand up comedy and I always get the new stand up DVDs that are released at Christmas.

Christmas film | The Grinch, I mention this in yesterday's post.

Christmas cracker toy | 
I'm not really sure, I remember at school I got a plastic ring in the Christmas cracker.

Christmas cracker joke | 
Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?
    A mince spy!

Decoration | 
This decoration, it just looks so cute

Candle scent | 
Snowflake cookie by Yankee candle.

Christmas advert |
 John Lewis' bear and the hare advert from 2013.

Festive tradition | 
Watching the Grinch on Christmas day, even though I have seen it over 50 times

Place to spend Christmas | 
Home with the family.

Festive fact |
"Due to international time zones, our modern day Santa Claus actually has 31 hours to deliver presents to all the children of the world. But to do so, he’ll need to travel at a rate of 4,796,250 MPH!"

Snowman accessory |
A scarf, simply because a hat cant really keep it warm and a scarf is quite fluffy and warm (I'm speaking like the snowman is real, I know its not but I don't want it catching a cold, how heartless do you think I am haha.).

So I hope you all enjoyed my fifteen festive favourites, if you want to do this tag then let me know in the comments and I can be nosey at all your answers.

Come back tomorrow for blogmas day 10!

Bye for now xxx

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  1. Thanks for tagging me! I'll do it tomorrow and leave my link here!