Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blogmas day 6 | Addicted to spotify

For months now I have been having people ask me if I use spotify, it seems there's been a little bit of a hype over it. Me being me, I decided that I didn't want to get in on this little hype as it probably wasn't as good as I had been told. Once again I was wrong,

Over the past week especially I have become slightly addicted to spotify. I have listened to the new McBusted album, listened to countless Disney albums and got into the festive spirit by listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album. Because I need to pad this post out a little, I have decided to give you a little insight into what I have been loving to listen to on spotify.

Michael Buble's Christmas |
I love a good but of Buble but I have been loving this Christmas CD a little to much. My favourite song on the whole album has to be 'Cold December night', I think it is just such a lovely festive tune and just sounds so brilliant with Michael Buble's voice.

Now that's what I call Christmas |
So basically I have been on a little bit of  Christmas song hype, and this album had been a staple in my spotify playlist. I love all the classics and I have had whams last Christmas on repeat. I don't really know why but I have loved this song since I was little and I love the intro.

Disney's greatest hits |
I think since I turned 16 I have felt like I had to act adult and not indulge in all the Disney classics, but I have decided that I need to get a little Disney fix every now and then so I have been obsessed with this album,especially Beauty and the beast, you cant not love that song. A whole new world has also been blasting through my earphone's, there's something about Aladdin that I just love.

S Club 7 |
I don't know if anyone remember S Club 7 but I stumbled across their songs this week and some of the songs have made their way into my playlist, I was actually surprised that I actually knew all the words to the songs........let's not judge me for that and move on shall we.

Have any of you been cracking out the Christmas songs yet? What have you all been listening to and whats your favourite Christmas song?

Come back tomorrow for day 7!
Bye for now xxx

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