Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Blogmas day 23 | Presents or Presence?

Since there are only two days since Christmas I wanted to write about something that has been niggling away at the back of my mind, what do people care more about? The presents they receive or the presence of their family?

I have always been curious about this, I think it stemmed from when I was little. I couldn't Wait to have all my family round, spend time with them and just enjoy their company. I didn't really care about the presents I was given, yes they were a nice little bonus but I wasn't bothered about the amount I had. I think in today's society children are just focused on how many presents they have, how much was spent on them and I've seen the look of disappointment when the present they got wasn't up to scratch.

I may only be 17 but it seems like in the past few years people have become more obsessed with how they can out do others with the amount of gifts they buy or receive. They're not bothered who they are with, that annoys me little. Family can travel for miles just to spend Christmas day with their loved ones yet the people they are travelling to see are only really focused on the gifts they've brought.

I do understand that its only a small few that are like this but it takes the meaning of Christmas away from its original purpose. People say the meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, that whole meaning has been completely lost. Whether you are religious or not, do you agree that the meaning of these celebrations has just got up and left. I understand that its nice to get presents from your loved ones, I like receiving gifts but I take time to appreciate everything I get. Ive seen children follow this exact pattern when getting gifts, which is; Get the biggest, unwrap and put to the side. This pattern is repeated on loop until all the presents are gone. There's not really much gratitude for what they have got. Maybe things have moved on since I was little.

I know Christmas is an exciting time for people and that's amazing but maybe we should really be taking the time to really appreciate those we have around us, instead of what they have to bring us. 
There are homeless people on the streets at Christmas who have nothing, and they would be grateful for a meal and just so company. On Christmas day I want you to enjoy yourselves but also spare a minute for those who don't have the family and the presents that you have around you. If you were in their situation, no family to go to and no present waiting for you, what would you rather? To have your family with you or to have a present? I know what I would rather.

Bye for now xxx02

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