Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas day 20 | Weekly summary

I'm not feeling great today so I apologise if this post is short. I thought I would give you a little weekly summary, I did this last week and I really enjoyed it. 

Monday |
On Monday I popped out to Tesco's to get a few little bits. I got myself a lovely winter hat which is mint green with gorgeous embellishments on it. I also got some swimming shorts, I know what your thinking, its December why on earth am I buying swim shorts. Well, I'm going away in January to center parcs and I wanted to get some swim shorts. I don't like showing my legs and all that are available in women's are bikini, and I certainly don't look good in a bikini. I got myself a pair of men's swimming shorts, I'm not bothered that there men's simply on the basis that I feel comfortable in them and they cover my legs.

Tuesday | 
I had a writing day on Tuesday, I mean everyday is a writing day for me but I sat down and wrote out roughly 3000 words of a book that I'm writing. Obviously this book will never be published but I'm really happy with how its going so far.

Wednesday |
I saw my family in the morning and had a good catch up. I planned my sisters 21st birthday presents and I might bake her something as well. I also felt really ill which has dragged on, as I still feel the same today.

Thursday |
I sorted out all of my DVD's and CD's, I made kinder bueno ice cream which was absolutely fantastic, I might do a post about that as it was to delicious not to share it with you all. Apart from that I just had a lazy day, I wasn't feeling great so I just spent that rest of the day watching the vicar of dibley.

Friday |
I had a really nice family day, everyone's now free from work and school so it was nice to see all my family. I did some rough sketches for illustrations in my book and I also made my room look a little more christmassy.

Reading back through all of that I realise how boring my week actually was. 
Come back tomorrow for blogmas day 21 where I will be chatting about my plans for Christmas eve/ day.

Bye for now xxx

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