Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas day 19 | Vlogmas appreciation post

Today I wanted to share with you all some of the vlogmas videos I have been loving this month. I love watching all the youtubers daily vlog but I have my favourites and I want to chat about why.

Giovanna has an amazing channel which she has been uploading to every day. Unlike the other vlogger's she posts her vlogmas on the day, so she actually posts vlogmas day 18 on the 18th. I really love this because I feel you get to know her better as you get to know what she's been up to that day. She deserves so many more subscribers than she has, at the minute she's got about 80 thousands subscribers, if your reading this then pop on over to her channel and subscribe as she makes really great videos and is also an amazing author. I think it would be amazing for her to get the YouTube silver play button for 100 thousand subscribers, she puts in so much time and effort into her videos and she deserves a reward. I have also been enjoying her husband Toms vlogs as well.

Matt Watson |
 For those of you who don't know who Matt is, he Louise from Sprinkleofglitter's husband. I love the fact that he now has his own YouTube channel and I really enjoy all of his videos. He did a little series called quizmas which he uploaded everyday a video every day. I really enjoyed this little series and I cant wait for his next video. I also really love the style of his videos, and the Spanish word of the day, I love the educational end cards he makes.

I have been watching Louise's videos for years now and she if my favourite YouTuber and blogger. Her vlogmas has been brilliant so far and I've really enjoyed watching them. Louise always says how people must find it boring to watch a day where shes at home, I think these are the best type of vlogs. we get to see her daily routine and its just nice to watch. Her look books have given me the confidence to try new outfits and she just makes me feel good about myself. Louise is also the reason I started this blog, I loved the fact that she uses her channel and blog to spread positivity online, I wanted to do that. This blog will never be as popular as hers but I love writing this so much and just letting you all know my thoughts about random things.

Obviously I have been loving all the other youtubers daily vlogs but these are the one who have really stood out for me. What have you been watching this month. What vloggers have really stood out for you?

Come back tomorrow for blogmas day 20.

Bye for now xxx

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