Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas day 17 | Christmas baking ideas

I thought I would share with you so ideas of Christmas treat you could bake. I really love baking and these are just some of the treats I'm thinking of making.

Candy cane cupcakes. 
I really want to make these in the next week because they sound incredible. My plan is to make a vanilla cupcake with a peppermint frosting mixed with crushed candy cane. The top will be decorated with the top of a candy cane and maybe a bit of edible glitter.

Cinnamon buns
I made cinnamon buns a few weeks ago and they tasted really good, I need to tweak the recipe slightly, so I get a light texture but I think they are really christmassy. These don't take long to make and i personally think they are best served warm.

snowman cake pops
I thought about these a few days ago. I've drawn out a rough sketch of what I'm going to try and make them look like. I think these will be really easy to make, but if you don't fancy baking, you could use marshmallows. I would also coat the cake pops in white chocolate.

Ginger bread hot chocolate
I have a little bottle of gingerbread syrup and it tastes delicious in hot chocolate. I like to have a proper hot chocolate made with milk and put cream on top with some grated chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on Christmas baking ideas. Let me know if you bake any of them.

Bye for now xxx

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