Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogmas day 16 | New look wishlist

Alt ought I don't currently have the money to spend on clothes, I thought I would chat to you about some of the bits I have been loving on New Look. Hopefully I will get theses soon, but obviously I will have to wait until I get more money. I think they have a great selection of clothes for plus size women, and the prices are actually really reasonable. Most places that stock plus size charge quite a lot for their clothing. I have found that new looks prices are quite cheap. I cant wait until I have a little bit more money so that I can get a few bits. If you like any of the bit I chat about, then pop over to the new look website and click on the inspire range.

Tops | 

I really Love this top, mainly because of the lace detailing around the neck, the neckline is beautiful and I think this would look gorgeous tucked into a black skate skirt. This is priced at £22.99 and when I have the money I really want to get this. 

I really like shirts like this because I think they suit me quite well. I love the check pattern and I really like the fact that it has cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves. I also think that that colours on this look quite wintry. This is prices at £19.99. 

I think this shirt is really cute, I do love a floral pattern and this is really tempting to get. This is prices at £19.99 which is quite good, although I don't know if I could justify spending that on one top. Again, I really love the style of the shirt and the cuffs. They had this print on a top that looked similar, but it didn't have the sleeves. I prefer this one just because its warmer for winter.

I really love this pink chiffon shirt. It costs £19.99 and I really love the style. I like the top of my arms covered so this would be perfect for me. I think the pockets are a really lovely detail and are quite handy to keep a spare hair bobble in, if you are out without your bag. They have this in four other colours which are also really nice.

This T-Shirt is my favourite out of all of the ones I have shown you. I love the way the material drapes, it looks like it just flows over the bigger parts of your body, so for me this is perfect as it would just drape over my stomach. I have also fallen in love with the embellished neck, it makes what was a plain T-Shirt really elegant and sophisticated (Just my opinion.).

New look have such a lovely range of dresses, there's a small chance I have fallen in love with some of them. I thought the dresses looked lovely and would actually suit me.

I think this black skater dress is stunning. The main part I like about this dress is the collar. It gives the dress a main focal point, I also really love the ruffling at the top of the skirt, its gives a bit of body to the dress without it puffing out to much. It costs £22.99 from the New Look inspire range.

I really love the floral print on this skater dress. I know some people don't like floral prints on dresses but I think this looks so pretty. I really want to get this as I have a few things happening next year that I would like to wear this type of casual dress to. This dress is priced at

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