Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas day 15 | Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas,
Its almost hard to believe that you're here again, it seems like only yesterday we parted ways. Its become so cold outside that in the early mornings there's a twinkling frost on the ground. Many a night I have snuggled under the warm covers on my bed ready to watch a Christmas film or two. I have realised how childlike I become when you come to greet us every December, the advent calender comes out and the countdown begins. 

I don't know why but even for the people who don't celebrate you, there still seems to be a Christmas spirit amongst them. There's a feeling our happiness and warmth that is much needed in these cold December days, everything seems peaceful. Its weird to look back at the year I've had, the places I've been, the amazing people I have met, the self discovery that I achieved. This time last year me and you weren't this close, I guess I just lost my Christmas spirit, things seemed to be bad when it was just my view on my own little world. 

This year I have been so excited to see you again. Oh Christmas, I know that this one will be filled with so much love, laughter and optimism for the future. There's only one little thing that I wish for, one that never really happens where I live. I wish it would snow, there's something magical about waking up to the sight of trees covered in glistening white snowflakes, the snow on the ground looks like a little wonderland that slightly crunches when you take a step, the cold doesn't bother anyone as there's fun to be had building a little jack frost snowman. I guess the main reason I want it to snow is because I could pretend to be Elsa singing let it go, although I don't think people would appreciate my terrible voice, it would be incredibly fun.

I'll say goodbye to you now, as I know after you go away this year you will be back before I know it and the festive cheer can begin again. 

Bye for now xxx

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