Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas day 13 | Christmas TV

So this week the Christmas TV guide came out, not a big deal for most but for me this is pretty exciting. I love getting my TV guide and planning my whole Christmas. I know it's weird but for me this is officially the start of Christmas, when you know exactly what you will be watching or recording. The main thing for me is to see what Christmas films are going to be shown. When I know what's on I can gather my resources, and by resources I mean snacks. 

Some of the things I get most exited for are the soaps (ongoing drama series type thing.). I like to get a little preview of what's coming up and I like to know if I can actually watch them, last year I think I had to miss coronation street because doctor who was on.

Sorry this post was really short but I've had a migraine all day and I couldn't sit and write a massive post, let me knowing the command what programs or films opposing forward to watching over Christmas.

Bye for now xxx

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