Friday, 12 December 2014

Blogmas day 12 | Happy birthday Bria Lou


Since it's Friday I thought I would give you a little summary of the week, but first I want to say a massive happy birthday to Bria Lou who runs the amazing blog- Lou's world. If you haven't read her blog then you should definitely go over to her page and have a little look, she's an amazing writer and covers a whole range of topics. Although I don't know her personally I feel I can ask her anything, she has given me some great advice in the past few months that I feel have benefited my blog and me.

This whole week seems like a little bit of a blur to be honest. I haven't really done much as I've been inside spending hours at my desk writing. I say that like it's bad thing, when I actually really love it. I can just get my comfy clothes on, pull on my fluffy slippers and get writing. So what have I actually been writing, well I have managed to write down all my plans and ideas for a book I want to write, I've written important blog posts that are now scheduled for early next year. Listened to a lot of Michael Buble, I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming obsessed with his music.

Oh I connected my blog to Google+ so anyone who wants to follow me, just click the follow button on the side of the page. Oh, I received my Amazon delivery which they had advertised completely wrong. I thought I was buying the Doctor who series 5 boxset that was released in 2010, the original boxset. They actually sent me the 2014 re-release that's just ones DVD case with all the DVDs in it. I know it's not a big deal to people but I like to have all the actual box sets, it has all the same content but from the picture and the details, I was let to believe that it was the one I wanted. I will definitely be mentioning that in my feedback.

My McBusted tickets arrived and I attempted to do a press up, which led to me pulling my stomach muscles, you can probably gather from that, that I'm a little on the larger side and that I should probably not try a press up again until I've lost a little weight.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little weekly summary. If you actually got to the end of this post, thanks for actually reading all the way the end.

Come back tomorrow for blogmas day 13.

Bye for now xxx

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