Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas Day 1 | Doctor who tag

This post may seem a bit odd but to kick of blogmas I thought I would do the doctor who tag. I watched Charlieissocoolike's video yesterday which was a doctor who tag. I don't care that I wasn't tagged because I do love doctor who and I thought it would be good to answer the questions.
So lets begin....

Who's your favourite doctor?
Now I have two which are Matt Smith and David Tennant. I don't know if I can choose between them simply because I love them for different reasons. Matt Smith created a funny and weird doctor which I loved, I loved the whole relationship with Amy and Rory but...I think David Tennant wins this simply because he was the first doctor that got me into the show. I watched doctor who with Christopher Eccleston in it but wasn't to fussed by it, that said when David took over I loved doctor who and I just loved the series 4 and his regeneration. To summarise, by only a small margin David tennant is my favourite.

Whats your favourite doctor who story?
My favourite story is angels take Manhattan. This Amy and Rory's final story with the doctor and the ending makes me cry every time. I really love all the story's with the weeping angles, especially blink but because this story is the end of Amy and Rory's adventures in the tardis this is my favourite. 

Who's your favourite companion?
This flutters between Donna and Amy but since I have to make the decision I will choose Amy. I love her story and her history with the doctor, her husband waited for 2000 years to be with her and protect her and she is the mother to the doctor's wife. I mean who cant love Amelia pond.

What was the first Doctor who story you ever watched?
I remember watching series 1 of the new doctor who in 2005 but I would say the first episode I watched and fully understood what was going on would have to be "The end of the world". This was the episode where they travel to the year 5 billion and meet the women who basically a sheet of stretched skin called Cassandra.

Whats your favourite series?
Series 4 because I love all the stories and also it includes Donna. I especially love the silence in the library stories because I think the acting in those are incredible.

What is your favourite pre or post regeneration story?
The time of the doctor simply because the whole storyline is incredible and I cried at Matt Smith's recantation when the bow tie came of and Amy says Raggedy man goodnight.

What is your favourite TARDIS desktop theme?
I liked the tenth doctors theme as I Loved the round things but I would say that the series 5 Tardis was the best. 

What's your favourite villain or monster?
My favourite villain is definitely the master, but the series 3 and 4 master. I loved how John Simm portrayed him and even though he is the villain I find him quite funny and a really fun character. My favourite monster would have to be the weeping angels, I think they are the best because an angle is supposed to be a protector and something lovely but actually they just follow you with a terrifying look on their face, zap you back in time and feed of your time energy.

So if any of you fancy doing this tag them please let me know and I can be nosy at your answers.
Thanks for reading.
Bye for now xxx

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