Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The fault in our stars movie | Review

I have been patiently waiting for months to get my hands on the fault in our stars DVD and its safe to say I was eager to get it on its release date. I virtually ran down to Sainsbury's in the morning, they were only just putting the DVDs's out on display so I was so happy they hadn't sold out in the 10 minuted they had been open.

I was worried that some of the book would be lost in the filming process, like in Harry Potter, as brilliant as the films are bits from the book the I love didn't make the cut when it came to filming. I was so happy when I watched this because they stayed true to the book and it the characters were portrayed amazingly. I spent the entire film either with a massive smile on my face or in floods of tears, everything single part of the book that I cried at was in there and it didn't loose its emotion because I was balling my eyes out like a baby. 

I don't think I can even pick a favourite part simply because I loved it all. One part that I simply adored was where Hazel calls Gus when she's in her garden, she can hardly get her word sand and when he asks if she's okay she says no and then the scene plays out with the pair on them on the swing set, I love this part of the film because of what she says. I think for me in the book the most hard hitting part was when Hazel says how she's a grenade and she wants to limit the people she hurts when she dies. I cried solidly for about 5 minutes after this scene, I was worried that the emotion in the book wouldn't be portrayed or acted out well in the film but the fact that they stuck entirely to the book and didn't change much made the film so much more enjoyable.

I think the casting for this film was perfect, I loved seeing the characters I had grown attached to in the book brought to the screen with such passion, you can tell by their performance that they understand the importance of showing the emotion of the book. One thing I will say is that I didn't picture Isaac as he was in the film, my expectation were blown away as Nat Wolff who plays Isaac is quite cute and I guess I didn't picture Isaac like that but don't get me wrong, I really liked him and all the other characters and I'm so pleased that this lived up to the book. 

The fault in our stars is now one of my favourite films and I will be watching this many times again, although I will have some tissues ready as I cried alto and my Hogwarts jumper was drowning in tears so I definitely need to stock up.

Let me know if you've seen the film yet and let me know what your favourite parts were.
Bye for now xxx

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