Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My approach to writing my blog


I wanted to talk about how I plan my blog post and how I go about writing them. Basically I like to get lots of posts written and ready to be posted. This may sound lazy but I will have a surge of ideas rush into my brain and I will go into blogger and write out all the titles, so then they will be in my drafts for post that I know I want to write.

For example, when I started this blog back in April my drafts were full of over 50 posts. I still do this now, as only yesterday I had a brain wave and out came 43 new ideas that I wanted to write about. I think for me this works perfectly, simply on the basis that I can go for weeks when my brain just doesn't really function in a productive way, that's why when I go into my drafts I can scroll through and see what I'm in the mood to write. Either later on today and tomorrow I've got a post that I want to upload simply because its something that was discussed at depth in my house last night and I feel like I need to vent about it.

Daily blog plan;
I try to wake up at 7am which never normally happens but I normally manage to drag myself from my bed at about 8am. I'll have some breakfast, watch a bit of Jeremy kyle and get ready. I start writing at pm and aim to keep writing until 6pm, in between that I do have lunch and dinner so I normally write for about 5 hours. I don't just write my blog posts, as childish as it sounds I have been writing parts of a book that I really want to write well and make it something I would love to read. I sometimes carry on writing if I'm really engrossed in a post but normally I like to treat myself for my averagely hard work writing but watching the SacconeJoly video at 6pm.

I have a lot of post planned which involve baking, film reviews, album reviews and things that I'm excited about for next year. I'm really sorry this post was short but I like to save my big posts for Sundays. I would really love to know what you would like to see me write about so leave a comment below and I'll do my best to make an acceptable blog post about it,

Music of this blog post | All I want for Christmas ~ Mariah Carey

Thanks for reading.
Bye for now xxx

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