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Meeting Zoe Sugg (Zoella) | 26th November 2014


I'm back today with a much happier post, as you may have seen from my McBusted post, the signing wasn't the best but enough about that because the signing for girl online was fantastic, so lets get started shall we...

The event was held at the Waterstones in Bluewater shopping centre and I have to mention how well organised the event was, it was ticketed but you only paid the price of the book which is £12.99 (I know its cheaper in some places but that's the retail price and you got to meet Zoe so I would happily pay that again to meet her.). I went with my cousin, her friend and her friends mum, she drove us to Bluewater and the girls needed an adult with them so I had someone else to chat to. Oh and these are the same people I went to Alfie's signing with but we didn't get to meet him.

We got there at about 4:15pm and joined the queue which was quite long but the signing didn't start until 5pm, so there was plenty of time. The man came round to scan our tickets and give us our wristbands (I would have kept it but the man said no.......I was a little bit gutted, haha. Also the wristband actually fit, I was surprised because I have quite chubby wrist.) and then we got our books which looked amazing. It sounds stupid but I felt really proud, I contained my excitement though because people might of thought I was a little bit weird. I felt proud simply on the basis that I started reading Zoe's blog way back in 2009! The fact that I've seen her blog an her YouTube channel turn into this just shows you, as long as you put in the effort and follow your dreams and aspirations, you can achieve something pretty special. You're all probably thinking "Just shut up with that sentimental rubbish and carry on", so I'll just insert a picture of the book here instead.

I will admit that I was concerned about the whereabouts of the poster that was included in my ticket, what can I say, I like a good bargain and I like to get what's included in the price so I was nervous where my poster was, don't worry (Not that you are.) I got it after meeting Zoe. At 5 the queue started moving along, as did we with my cousin counting down the shops until we finally got to meet Zoe. Seeing several girls walk past me in floods of tears made me fear that I would be overwhelmed with emotion and cry like a baby, luckily I didn't as I would have looked a bit silly as I'm 17, also I was crying with happiness on the inside so I didn't want to share that.

 How snazzy does this poster look??
Its just so pretty!

At about 6ish we got to go down to meet her, all the people were taken down in groups of 10. Luckily I was taken down with the people I was with as I wouldn't have got a photo otherwise, and also I was pretty paranoid about loosing my cousin, so I was nice I knew I hadn't lost her. In the signing room it was so calm, a bit of chit chat between the people queueing. There was no screaming teenage girls (Well not when I was in there.), it was calm and really well organised. The women did tell me that all phones had to be put away, I was a little heartbroken as I wanted to get a selfie with Zoe but because my cousin in under 14, she had her responsible adult which wasn't me. That meant I could have my unattractive chubby face in a picture with Zoe and I actually like the picture. I'm not going to put a picture up simply because then if anyone who knows me sees this blog, they'll know its me and for now this is just my little space online.

It was my turn to meet Zoe and I thought I would freeze and not say a word, not the case as it happens. Zoe said hello and so did I and then I had a little conversation with her about the book, I told her how much I loved her and that I'd been reading her blog since 2009 and she said and I quote "Really, wow for that long, thank you so much". I then asked her if I could have my picture taken with her and she said yes. Even though I only chatted to her for about 20 seconds It was lovely, I told her all I needed to, I told her how much I loved and admired her work, her and congratulated her on her book. Zoe will never read this but I want to thank her for how genuinely lovely she was and actually seemed interested in everyone and was chatting to them. Also thank you Zoe because my cousin has not stopped chatting about it, she loves you and the fact that you said you loved her hair band made her day. You make so many people happy with your videos, writing and just being you.

I can't wait to start reading Girl Online and review it.

Oh and a little side note which is completely unrelated. After meeting Zoe I popped into Paperchase and Ohhhhhhh my god it was like heaven, well if your a stationery lover. They also had the mason style drinking jar which was £5, I was over the moon I mean I'd been looking for one with a straw for ages.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now xxx

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