Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mcbusted Tour 2015 | I got tickets!!!


So earlier this year I wrote a post about how I wished I was at Mcbusted so when they announced they would be going on tour next year, I had a long hard think (About 5 seconds.) about whether or not I should get tickets. When Mcbusted was formed, I was a little gutted just because of my love for McFly but after seeing them on this amazing journey this year and how much everyone loves them, I've grown to fangirl over McBusted just as much as I do with McFly.  

I'm going to see the tour at the O2 arena with my mum next year, I know what your thinking which is "Why would you go to a concert with your mum?" and my answer to that is simply because my mum is awesome and I want her to see how much I love the concert environment. I think my family think that because I'm quiet at home I will be like that at a concert, I'm far from quiet when in the presence of McFly or McBusted and my mum is so excited to be going. 

My plan for the tour is to go into London early, have some lunch and possibly go to the matinee of Les mis. Why not? I can see two Fletcher's in one day. I wont lie, even though I'm really happy with the seats I got, I would have loved seats in B1 simply on the basis that that's the side that's Toms side of the stage and I do love Tom Fletcher.

Anyway if anyone is going to the tour, whatever venue please let me know in the comments and we can fangirl together.

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  1. I saw them in April and they were fab... so you're in for a treat!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find out how to get involved by checking out my post

    Keep blogging,

    Catriona xx