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Lush christmas range


The Lush Christmas range came out on the 3rd of October and I did go a little bid overboard all though you all know how I do like a bit of Lush. I didn't get everything they had but I just wanted a few of my favourite Christmas products as you can only get them at this time of year. I also just wanted to say that I'm not trying to show off, I just wanted to show you some of the bits Lush have in and to share my opinions of them so you can get an idea of what the products are like. I watch Zoe's (Zoella) Lush haul every year to see her opinions of the products and then like to see for myself if I like them.

Candy mountain | £2.75

Candy mountain was one I didn't try last year so I really wanted to try it this year. This is a bubble bar so you just crumble this under the water. This smells like the snow fairy shower gel, which smells like bubblegum bottles so it is quite sweet but it is a lovely scent and personally one of my favourites. This has a slight shimmer to it and just looks really cute.

 Butter bear | £1.95

This butter bear is really cute and is just the butterball but in bear shape, it smells a little like cocoa butter which is quite nice. This isn't the typical lush product that had tonnes of colours and scents but it does release oils into the bath which make your skin feel amazing and its also quite moisturising.

Father Christmas | £3.50

I think they did this one last year but they have changed the scent so it now smells like snow fairy. I like this one just because it is so Christmassy. this is one of the larger bath bombs so I will break this into about 4 (I need to save money now so that mean no more big lush spends, I must make these products last) so it will last me a few baths.

 The Christmas hedgehog | £3.25

I got this one mainly for the look of it, this bubble bar is the shape of a little hedgehog and is quite shimmery. I personally don't love the smell, the only way I can describe it would be to say it smells to me a bit like play dough, I cant pin point an actual scent but it just smells a little bit like that and I'm not a great love of scents like that.

Golden wonder | £3.70

I got this one last year and loved it, this bath bomb is white with a gold dusting around it to give it a gold appearance. Its smells quite orangey with a little bit of lime. Not only does this turn the bath a really cool aqua bluey green, but it also has tiny bath bombs inside so when you shake it, it actually sounds like there's a gift inside like a real present.

Dashing Santa | £2.95

Dashing Santa is quite cute and colourful. Its got a subtle smell of orange which is nice and by the looks of it, it would turn the bath a nice orange colour. Its quite a good size for the price of it, as some of the lush products I have got before have been really expensive but have been tiny.

Luxury Lush pud | £3.50

This is one of my favourites from the Christmas range, I got this one last year but it was lilac instead of bright pink. I really love this because it has little pockets of colour which make the bath look amazing. On the top there is a little bit holly on the top which looks quite cute. This smells exactly like a Christmas pudding, and is essentially Christmas in a bath bomb. 

Yog Nog soap | 100g £3.40

This soap smells incredible, I wasn't going to get it because I don't like to buy different soaps because my skin feels dry with some brands. The smell of this is wonderful and smells like honeycomb. Well when I say that I mean it smells like the taste of crunchie ice cream. That's probably not helpful to you but honeycomb it the closest smells I can relate it to, well that or butterscotch. I got 200grams of this soap because I loved the smell. The thing that disappointed me about this was that the women in the shop had told me that it doesn't make your skin feel dry and I was quite annoyed that it made my hands feels really dry. I use it on the rest of my body but I can't use this on my hands because they feel a bit raspy if that makes sense. 

Snow Fairy shower gel | £11.95

This was really expensive but they do have this in smaller sizes. I got the biggest one because I love this scent. Snow fairy is one or Lush's most popular scents and it lucky I got it because we went back late that day and they had sold out. This has a little bit of sparkle to it and make really nice bubbles in the bath. I will be using this after Christmas and hopefully I can make it last.

Star light, Star bright | £3.50

Lush did this bath melt last year and I really wanted to try it this year. This is a lovely bath melt but does cover you in glitter. It smells to me a little like ginger which is actually quite nice. On the lush website it says that when it's in the bath it makes the water a blue colour which sounds like it will be really pretty and smell really nice and relaxing.

Lord of misrule| £?

I looked on the lush website and its not on there now, I'm not sure why but maybe they have stopped doing it. Anyway if they have it in a lush shop near you then it will probably be around £3-£4. It smells really lovely and a little bit spicy to me. I really hope they start selling these again because these are my favourite product at Christmas. 

Holly go lighty | £4.50

This bath melt looked really cool in the shop and has a bit of silver glitter on the top. It smells like the bubble bar they did last year which was called hot toddy. This smells like cinnamon sticks which is really lovely and I cant wait to use this in my bath.

Cinders | £2.50

I had to get a few of these because they are incredible. The cinders bath bombs are quite small but they smell like cinnamon and really lovely spices. They also have popping candy in them which makes the bath sound like a crackling fire place. I really wish that they did these in larger sizes because even though they are perfect as they are, they would be incredible if they were just slightly bigger.

I'm going to starts putting What songs of song I listed to to write my blog post (weird, oh well I have to listed to music to write and I wanted to share with you what I listen to while I write different posts_.
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