Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cake pop fail

Last week I attempted to make cake pops, it didn't go to well for two reasons.
Reason 1; Half of the pops were very misshaped.
Reason 2; When I put melted chocolate on them they kept slipping down the stick.
I did managed to make about 4 good ones so I'm just going to show you how I made them and then maybe you can all try them and show me how yours turned out.

So for this recipe you will need;
120g butter.
120g caster sugar.
2 eggs.
120g plain flour.
1/2tsp baking powder.
Vanilla extract

For the icing you will need about 300g chocolate, you can use candy melts but there expensive and I wasn't going to buy them, sorry.

Step 1
Get all your ingredients ready and weighed out.

Step 2;
Grease your cake pop mould so when you get them out later they dont stick to the mould.

Step 3;
Put all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix well until there's a smooth batter.

Step 4;
Equally divided the mixture into your cake pop mould and then put in a 180c over for about 12 minutes. When they are ready just take them out and leave on a cooling rack.

Step 5;
For the decoration I used melted chocolate and crushed up oreos. Melt the chocolate over a pan of simmering hot water and wait to melt. Take you cake pop and dip the stick into the chocolate, then push the stick into the cake and roll in the chocolate and crushed oreo's.

Now I don't think these looked that great to be honest, Also the cake kept on sliding down the stick so I ended up with about 4 averagely good cake pops but try out the recipe and let me know how you got on.

Bye for now xxx

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