Saturday, 29 November 2014

Blog make over | From Envye

So some of you may notice that my blog looks very different and probably better. I have wanted to get a blog template from Envye/ Wonderforest for ages now but I always got confused because it was in dollars (Please don't judge me for that haha.), but in the black Friday sale it was down to $25 which for me works out about £15. I think the usual price of $50 is totally worth it but the fact it was in a sale made me finally get the template I love.

I have now got the Summer of '69 [v.2] Blogger Template which I am in love with. They had two versions of this that looked slightly different, I went for this one because I preferred the layout. As you can all see, this is what my blog now looks like and I think it looks so much better than my old layout. I want to work hard on this blog to make it exactly how I want it and thanks to Envye I finally have my perfect space online to blog from.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my new design as much as I do.
Bye for now xxx

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