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Monthly favourites| October 2014


I don't think I have done a favourites post yet so I thought that I would start now. This isn't going to be like others I have seen, most of the monthly favourites I read or watch involve tonnes of beauty products but I want to have lots of variety, so lets get started shall we.....

Make up;
I don't wear loads of make up, partly because I don't see the point in putting loads of make up on just to go shopping, well that and the fact that I am incredibly lazy. I have been loving the Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade afternoon tea, its just a lovely subtle pink that I think looks quite natural so its nice for a simply everyday make up look.

Lush product;
As you may well know, I am slightly addicted to lush products so this will be a constant topic in my monthly favourites. Lush got their Christmas range in at the start of October and I did get most of it but the one that I have been loving is the luxury lush pud. They did this last year put instead of being bright pink it was purple. I love the smell of this, I mean it actually smells like Christmas pudding and is really colourful. If your near lush anytime soon I would definitely recommend you pop in and get one of them, I think they are about £3.50.

I was desperate to see Maleficent but because I am a bit of a loner, I had no one to see it with at the cinema so I was extremely excited when I got it on DVD. If you haven't seen it, then please don't read the read the rest of this paragraph as it does contain a massive spoiler. Angelina Jolie in this film was phenomenal, I love her work and this was brilliant because she was portraying a character from my favourite Disney princess film and she certainly delivered a brilliant performance.

I loved the whole story of how she was when she was young and what made her they women she was. As with most Disney films, there is the whole focus of true loves kiss, and there was in Maleficent but instead of the Disney classic ending that I grew up with, you know a charming prince comes along and wakes sleeping beauty from her death like sleep. Oh no there was none of that going on, it was a frozen type ending where the true loves kiss was Maleficent, she has spent all of Aurora's life protecting her and growing to love here. I'm not ashamed to say that I have watched this film about 5 times and no doubt I will watch it again within the next week.

I don't know if this counts as a food, I mean its basically chocolate spread which is a topping. With that said, am I have been known to just eat it with a spoon (Don't judge me okay, everyone's eaten chocolate spread straight from the jar, right???). Malteasers teasers spread is like heaven in a jar, and well I can't even describe to you how amazing this stuff is, I just cant do it justice, so I hope this picture shows you all just how perfect this is. Malteaser's you have excelled yourself and I recommend making this in ice cream tub form as I would certainly buy and devour a whole tub within seconds.

TV series;
Harper's island is quite old now, I mean it was first shown in England in 2008 I think. I saw it on Amazon and it was £8 so I had to get it. Harper's island is about a wedding party going to Harper's island where years before there were murders on the island which included the murder of one of the main characters mothers. Long story short, the killer has returned and you find you more about the situation as the episodes go on. There are 13 episodes and a plot twist that I don't think anyone saw coming. If you're squeamish then either cover your eyes or maybe just don't watch it, but I love the storyline and I could love them to create another series or a prequel.

I have been loving reading You're the one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher, I haven't finished it yet but I love it. Giovanna also has a YouTube channel which I love and she is so fun to watch and you should all definitely check her out on YouTube as I'm sure she's going to get load more subscribers because her video quality, both content and actual viewing quality are brilliant. 

Based on the fact that I watch a lot of YouTubers  I'm allowing myself to chose 2, so one of the YouTubers I have been loving this month is the sacconejoly's.They're an Irish family and they upload a new video (Daily vlog) everyday and they have the most adorable kids and Anna makes baking videos and I love a bit of baking.

Sprinkle of glitter I feel will always be in my favourites, I've watched Louise for years now and its so lovely to see how much her channel has grown. some of my favourite video this month have included her vlogs. I also loved her Autumn lookbook, I love her lookbooks because her outfits are beautiful and this part in her description made me feel are warm and fuzzy and Louise is truly such a wonderful human being. This is the part in her description that made me feel like this and has given me so much more confidence in myself so thank you Louise  "Being plus size does not mean you are lazy or have no control. It does not make you less worthy and it does not mean you are less attractive. Any woman is beautiful, all you need is confidence and to understand the shape of your body and how best to dress it. As long as you are happy and healthy, you're gonna look GORGEOUS". 

Shake it off by Taylor swift simply because its such an upbeat song and its really catchy, I'm also slightly proud that I know all the lyrics to the song now. Oh and one last one, just because this has also been playing non stop for me, the songs called clocks go forward by James bay and its amazing, he's sort of a cross between Ed Sheeran and Passenger so its like the perfect musician for me.

Just these socks really, I'm not that fussed about proper clothes like tops and jeans, I just really love these socks as they are really comfortable and re christmassy. Reading that back I realise that I sound like an 80 year old women but I'm leaving it as it is, I mean look at this picture it says super cosy lining, what 17 year old doesn't love super cosy socks.......Oh just me? Moving on then.

Russel Howard's good news is finally back, I have been waiting for ages. Russell Howard has to be my favourite comedian and I love the show. 
   Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband is brilliant and I've become slightly obsessed.                     This bedding from primark which was I think £12. I love it simply because its really chritmassy.

Well I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites, sorry it was really long I will try to shorten each part next time.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for now xxx

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