Sunday, 12 October 2014

Amazing things I had when I little

Today I wanted to chat about the toys I had as a child, I wanted to do this post because for children the technology behind their toys has grown massively, I mean there are now little tablets like the ipad for children as young as 3 and I think that its ridiculous the amount of technology kids under 10 have now. Don't get me wrong, I think technology is great and Ive got loads of gadgets in my room but with that in mind, when I was little I had normal toys that didn't need to be charged or connected to the Internet. As a child I played with Disney castles, Polly pockets (And when I say Polly pockets, I don't mean the small dolls, I mean the tiny little compact play sets, which looked like the one below.).

Now If any of you remember this toy which I'm going to talk about, leave a comment so I know I'm not the only one. I remember I got this at school, it was a day where you brought something to sell and then you could buy a toy, sort of defeating the object of getting rid of a toy. I got a fairy that went on a stand and had a string that you pulled, and then the fairy would go flying into the air, and as a 7 year old this was the most amazing toy I had ever seen.

Disney castles were a must have in my toy collection and my mum and dad got me 3 Disney castle play sets which I loved playing with. All you needed were 4 AA batteries and the castle would play a tune and light up, and that was impressive for a toy at that time. The castles I had were the beautiful Cinderella castle, Beauty and the beast which had a magic mirror that actually worked, and the little mermaid palace which you could add water to a section. These toys were so special to me and I had them since I was about 6, but last year I felt it was time to say goodbye to these childhood memories and so I gave my castles to my little cousin, whether the castles have survived I'm not entirely sure, but I know she loves them and that what's important.

I'm sure every girl at one point in their life have had a tea set, and my tea set was brilliant, not that many people came for a tea party with me but I wasn't really bothered, I mean I had a selection of Teddy's which were obliqued to attend my boring tea party's. I got my Disney tea set when my cousin was born and that was I think about 2002. This tea set was Disney princess and was pink, also the kettle spoke and was really cute. I gave this to my cousin (The oldest of the 3) a few years ago, and I'm not ashamed to say that we have played with it in the past year. Now this tea set had lasted 10 years until it was given to my littlest cousin, she put the talking tea set in a paddling pool, and I don't think it has asked anyone for tea since, oh well I suppose it had a good run.

The last thing I loved when I was little was technological. Now I don't like the fact the everything most children use is now based around technology, but when i was about 4 and my sister was 7 my dad got us a PlayStation 1!. Now the games we played on this are much better than minecraft and X-box kinect. We had rayman 2 the great escape, Spyro year of the dragon, Toy story 2 and many more. Me and my sister loved playing these games, and we actually finished spyro when I was about 14. 

So what really cool toys did you all have when you were little, anything that you think is still better that the latest games consoles, feel free to leave a comment.

Bye for now xxx

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