Sunday, 28 September 2014


Today I wanted to chat to you all about Ukuleles, for those of you who don't know what a Ukulele is, its basically a mini guitar with only four strings.

I wanted a ukulele after watching the video to McFly's video for their song love is easy, Tom plays a little pink ukulele and I really wanted to learn how to play it, so after going on at my dad for a few months  he gave in and got me one. My dad got me a pink one, because you know I wanted one that looked like Tom Fletcher's. So here's the one I got.

Because I was clearly doing so well, even though I could only play somewhere over the rainbow, well just the chorus, (I cant really play anything else but I give it a good try.) my dad got me a Les Paul ukulele which was amazing, I was so happy and its such a cool instrument, I'm hoping to learn to play it properly but I like to play it when the house is empty because I'm embarrassed at how bad I actually am, so hopefully if I get a bit of time to myself, I can learn to play it properly.

Anyone play any instruments, if so what do you play? 
Bye for now xxx

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