Monday, 22 September 2014

Lush haul

There's a slight chance that I went in lush a few days ago and spent a little bit to much, but is there such thing as to much lush? Well probably but lets move on, this wont be a long post but I'm thought I would show the bits I got from lush and then chat about my excitement for the Halloween and Christmas range.

The first Bath ballistic I got was sakura and it smells incredible, I'm not great at describing scents but this is sweet smelling with what I think is a small hint of lemon. I really love the colours on this bath ballistic and I cant wait to see what happens when it hits the water.

Dragons egg
Ive had Dragons egg before and I thought I was lovely, when its dropped in the bath it makes the water a little bit misty and releases what I can only describe as little disks of multicoloured soap that quickly dissolves. This smells fizzy and that sounds very weird but its smells like fizzy sweets, and its nice but quite strong so I would not recommend this if you want a relaxing bath that's has a light fragrance because for me this is quite strong. 

Comforter bubble bar 
I had to get two of these comforter bubble bars because they smell so tasty, I've never eaten one don't worry but they smells makes you want something of that taste. To me this smells like blackcurrant and its so lovely in the bath. I only use a little bit in a bath but it makes the water a beautiful pink colour and it makes everything smell amazing.

Another one I've had before is twilight which turns the bath a turquoise colour, which shocked me a bit but its only a pink shell which is slightly disappointing but it smells chistmassy (Yes that is a work which I have just made up) and lovely which is really nice and relaxing.

Tisty tosty 
I wanted to try this one for ages and its called tisty tosty and I'm really glad I finally got it, this is really cute and has dried flowers in it, to me it smells a bit like lavender with a strong hint of rose, so it can be a little overpowering but because it looks cute I can just leave it for display until I fancy a lavender bath.

Bubbleroon is so lovely it smells like cocoa butter and it held together by a tiny bit of soap, this make really nice smelling bubbles in the bath and just makes everything smell really lovely and to me this is the smell of autumn.

This bath melt looked nice and I've heard that's its really lovely and leaves your skin feeling all soft and hydrated. Its smells really nice and creamy with a little hint of sweetness,

Space girl
Space girl makes the bath a little glittery but it smells really nice and fruity, mainly of grapefruit and its really refreshing, so it would be nice to use for a morning bath to Wake yourself up.

Butterball is my absolute favourite, it has a lovely scent of cocoa butter and when you put it in the bath it makes your skin feel incredibly soft and moisturised.

Brightside bath comforter smells like oranges and lemons, and makes the bath a vibrant orange, this smells great and makes really silky bubbled in the bath.

Granny takes a dip
Granny takes a dip is one that I've wanted to try and been debating whether or not to get it for a few weeks now. It smells like sherbet and just looks like its going to look amazing in the bath, now to make this last a bit longer, I might try and use one colour at a time, well if I can break them apart.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment
This bath melt smelt to indulgent to resist, it smells like marshmallows and if that wasn't a good enough reason to buy it then I don't actually have a valid excuse as to why I needed it.

Bubblegum lip scrub
I've never really used lip scrubs but I feel I need it for the winter, you see in previous years I've had time off at Christmas when its really old, so my lips never really got chapped but because I will be working all Christmas and waiting at the train station in the cold, I feel I need a nice lip scrub to keep my lips nice, moisturised and apparently smelling like bubblegum.

BB seaweed face mask
Because I spent a bit in lush I got a free sample of the BB seaweed face mask, which apparently is beautifying, I mean its not worked yet but I'm hopeful for the future haha. 

All of my lush products sit nicely in my pink bowl which I needed to find a use for, this is the one area of my room that I love, simply on the basis that it smells incredible.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for now xxx

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