Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Driving diary lesson #4 #5 #6

It seems a long time since I updated you all on my driving but that's simply because I haven't really progressed since my 3rd lesson. After several lessons I finally have something to tell you all about.
So the last 2 lessons were just going over the left and right turns, driving round the area I live and also practicing my turn in the road, which I thought I would be really bad at as I'm not that socially aware but I was surprised that I did this very well and according to my instructor I have now master that, so you know that quite exciting if I do say so myself.
I had another lesson today which was 2 hours again which it might cut down it just 1 hour each lesson as I get quite stressed in the car if I'm in that environment for to long. My lesson today had me practicing the dreaded emergency stop, I was quite worried about this because I thought that what I broke to hard and the car flipped over, why it would do that I don't know but I was getting. Quite stressed about it, luckily I was chatting to the people at work and they gave me a few tips which helped me out a little.
I don't really know what else to tell you about, I mean we haven't really done much but I'm sure next week  I will have more to talk about and hopefully I will progress a lot more.
Oh and one last thing, it'd completely unrelated to this post but I'm also going to London on Saturday and hopefully meeting Alfie Deyes at his signing of the pointless book so I'm really looking forward to that.

Bye for now xxx

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