Saturday, 6 September 2014

Attempting to meet Alfie Deyes

This week has actually been quite busy for me so I'm sorry that I didn't manage to blog everyday this week but I wanted to talk about my adventurous trip to London. I quote from the Waterstones staff, "It wasn't this busy for the Hilary Clinton signing and there weren't as many police or security" that's a women who's run for president and Alfie had more people there.

I was so excited that I had that chance to meet Alfie Deyes from Pointlessblog, I would have gone so early to get there but I went with my cousin, her friend and her mum who I've known since I was little so even though we got there later I still had a great time catching up with her. We got to Waterstones in Piccadilly at about 11am and the queue was massive, I mean it going round the whole of the building and at that point I know I would not be meeting Alfie which did make me quite sad.

We walked round the back of Waterstones where we saw Alfie's car arrive which then got crowed with thousands of viewers, I didn't want to go near the car but got swept into the crowds, which took me a while to get out of which was quite scary as I hate crowds like that!!! I feel sorry for Alfie that it happened, maybe if people didn't crowd that car and smash on the windows then Alfie could have met more of us because he would have got in quicker, I mean there were police and body guards. Since we know that we probably wouldn't meet him we didn't even bother getting in the queue, so we went into Waterstones and just went to the cafe. While we were down there was a moment of joy when all I saw was Alfie run down the stairs surrounded by security and then got hurried into the signing room, even though I didn't meet him I still saw him and that made my day completely.

I think that for his next signing they should allocate tickets online and then maybe it would be far more organised than today.

At the back of Waterstones in the basement part there was a small little cafe where we waited for a bit to get sometihng to eat and drink but the man in waterstones said he might take a few books in to get signed so we waited for about 2 hours after they actually closed Waterstones and wanted us to leave but the man who worked there was so kind, he took our books and got Alfie to sign them, I mean I know I didn't get to meet Alfie and get a selfie and a hug, I still have his autograph and I was in the room next to him. Also like the women I was with said "we got an action shot, the rest saw him sitting down and you got a view of him running in" I love this simply because I got to see him running into meet his adoring fans and Even though I couldn't meet him, I'm so happy for all the people that did and I hope you treasure that moment forever.

Bye for now xxx

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