Sunday, 7 September 2014

A magical day at Harry Potter studios

So this is an exciting post for me simply on the basis that I can write about my long awaited trip to the Harry Potter studios. Now I took quite a lot of photos so whether I upload them all is undecided simply on the fact that there are 406 and that's just from my camera.

The say stared of with me waking up at 8am to get ready and make myself look averagely nice for the day, after that there was then two hour journey to look forward two. My first train took about 40 minutes then all that was left was to waddled round to the tube and then get on a few different trains until we got to watford. All I'm going to say is that I feel for my first car I actually want to have the Harry Potter studios bus because that is one awesome mode of transport.

When we got there I was so excited I mean even the outside of the studio is so impressive and the giant chess pieces are so cool. When we got in there I was overwhelmed with the pictures on the walls and the ford Anglia hanging from the celling, We queued up for about half an hour to get into the small little room where the women started chatting about what we would see. Little tip for you; There's something that happens right after this through the doors, so when you get in there look at the 4 doors and go to the one furthest to your left and make sure you use that door as I guarantee you will want front row for what happens after that.

The great hall was incredible and it was so weird being in there because after watching the films it seems so weird that you are on the set that was used in the films. I took so many pictures in here because there was just so much to see, the uniforms of all the houses, the detail on the walls which you don't really notice in the films, and the most amazing part was seeing all the house points at the front of the great hall.

The next part was so good, you go into another massive room which is filled with all different props and sets, one of my favourite was the giant ice sculpture replica from the goblet of fire which looked phenomenal. It was really good to see all the wigs that the actors wore and the costumes all lined up. I think I was most excited to see the potions class set and Dumbledore's office simply because all my favourite scenes from the films took place in these rooms. I also got to see the gryffindor common rooms, Harry's bedroom that's shared with the others in Hogwarts. One of my other favourite sets was the kitchen of the Burrow, I think its so creative and you can touch these little pad type things that make things happen like the washing up does it self, the knitting needles start working and its just so fun to watch.

I also loved the little display that had all of the horcruxes in, its weird to think that in the films these represented part of Voldemorts soul and I was just so amazed by the detail on all of them. I wont lie to you I really wanted to ride the broomstick but it cost £15 and lets just say its a good job I didn't as I spent a little too much in the gift shop.

I was excited to see the quidditchcostumes and the  equipment, and also you say the chamber of secrets door, the gringots door and so many other amazing things. the costumes in the Malfoy manor part were brilliant and I love seeing Bellatrixes costumes, So much detail is on that dress and its absolutely brilliant. One of the bits I found most interesting is the ministry of magic statue, the detail of that is incredible and it just looks so overwhelming to be standing right next to it. I was intrigued to see that on all of dolores umbridge costumes have a cat on it somewhere if you look close enough.

Onto the next section of the tour which took us outside, so that meant Butter beer, triple Decker bus and privet drive. I could not wait to see the bus, I mean its just massive and so exciting that you can actually stand on it, without that sounding to childish. I also tried butter beer which I wasn't to keen on because it tasted like cream soda and I really hate that, it sort of was worth it though because I experience everything there. Voldemorts fathers grave was really cool and felt a bit weird to be standing next to it. I was so happy to see privet drive, it was so great to be next to this iconic house which was the place of misery and closure for Harry in the films. The car and motor bike were also really cool and luckily it was really lovely outside so we could enjoy looking round it a bit more.

The next few sections of the studio were so exciting for me because you got to see the prosthetics for the goblins, all the mechanics of the creatures and Diagon ally!
I was looking forward to seeing all the goblins and the creatures as I've always been fascinated as to how they were created.

Diagon ally was next I cannot tell you how excited I was to walk through it and see all the different shops up close, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked of diagon ally because my camera died! I think Olivanders was my favourite in there although I must say I was slightly excited by flourish and blotts, anyone who knows me knows how much I love stationery.


The next room was filled with all the drawings of the buildings and plans for everything and the detail in every picture was mind blowing and that's when it sunk in just how much time and detail went into bringing the books to life. I also loved all the paper models which were incredibly detailed.

The iconic Hogwarts castle was next and it was well worth the wait, it felt so special to be standing next to Hogwarts and I know that sounds childish but it was so overwhelming seeing how stunning it looked and how well crafted it was. The last part of the tour was the room right next to the gift shop which was filled with wands which had the names of not only the cast but of the thousands of behind the scenes staff on each box which was amazing, I of course found Daniel Radcliffe's and Alan rickmans which I was quite happy with. My downfall of the day was the amount I spent in the gift shop, I spent a good 40 minutes in there with my arms filled with goodies, I felt the urge to buy all the mugs and cups but I said no! and only spent £97!!!!! I got myself a chocolate frog, fudge flies, peppermint toads, time turner key ring, the Hermione Granger wand (Why I need that I don't know but you know...... impulse buy and all that) Harry Potter studio tour guide, chocolate want, Hogwarts glass and the last thing I got was a pen......Now I like my pens I think we can all agree, but I got this at the till and didn't look at the price I thought it would be like £6 but no it was £10.95!! I appreciate a nice bit of stationery but that is a tad to much for a pen which fair enough does look like a wand but at some point the ink will run out and my heart will break just a little.

All in all I had a fantastic day and was so happy I went, so I would recommend that everyone goes and has this amazing experience.

Bye for now xxx

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