Sunday, 31 August 2014


As much as I would love a dog or a little rabbit/Guinea pig I Don't have the time to train it and to care fro the animal properly, just because of my job, I would love a pet but its not fair to be out all of the time. Well that and that fact that my dad is against the idea of a pet. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to reminisce about all the pets that I have had, so If you don't like animals or just don't like my boring posts, then feel free to start scrolling through Tumblr or watching YouTube, I promise I wont be offended.

So to start of I'm going to talk about pets that I actually remember, to be honest before I was born I don't know if my family had any pets, they could have run zoo for all I know. I remember that when i was about 4 me and my sister had a lovely little rabbit called Smudge, now Smudge was supposed to be a lion haired rabbit which are apparently really fluffy, but he wasn't fluffy at all. He was a white rabbit with a little smudge of grey on his fur, well that's how I remember him. Unfortunately smudge got bitten by a fox and then died so after a few hours of crying, we managed to move on.

Thumper was the next rabbit we got, now me and my sister weren't technically allowed this rabbit, as my dad wasn't keen on another animal but with the help of our mum was brought home a black and white spotty rabbit who greeted our dad on his arrival home from work, he wasn't to impressed but he didn't mind after a few hours. Thumper wasn't like smudge, this rabbit had a rebellious attitude and wasn't the most friendly, on numerous occasions he would escape and run under the decking at the back of the garden, he would send days out there and come and sit by his cage, when we tried to catch him, he would just hop on back under the decking! I did like that rabbit but it was a bit annoying when it escaped, after about 2 or 3 years thumper also died.

Since rabbits and me clearly weren't the perfect match, me and my sister both got fish, mine were called Nemo and Coral, I know I'm very original with creating names, ha ha. I think you can all guess where this story is going, and a few months later the fish died.

I'm starting to see a bad trend here, but one of my favourite pets who in my opinion was the cutest hamster I've had was Cookie. I got Cookie when I was about 8 or 9, partly because my sister had a hamster and I was a jealous little sister and felt like the think my lie was missing was in the shape of a small fluffy ball. Because I was home schooled I had loads of time to spend with my hamster and I felt we became the best of friends, Cookie wasn't like other hamsters, in fact he had trained himself to be awake in the day and asleep at night, I know hamsters are normally nocturnal abut because I was home, Cookie soon got into my bedtime routine and the perfect animal human friendship began. This ended about a year and a half later when he got ill, we were told by the vets that he was dying, and I didn't everything I could to make sure he live, but unfortunately I'M not a miracle worker and Cookie was not longer with us a week later.

After all these deaths in the animal family, I waited until I was about 12 to get hamster number two, who I called Sapphire, I don't know why as that's a terrible name for a hamster. Now I couldn't spend as much time looking after this hamster because of school and it didn't really like me that much, so as bad as it sounds, I gave my hamster to my friend who I knew would look after it, I asked her about the hamster in year 11, and it turns out that the hamster died 6 months after I gave it to her, I think she just forgot to tell me.

So in the future, when I have my own place I would really love to have a dog, preferably a little pug. I hope I didn't bore any of you tom much, but I just fancied chatting about the pets I've had.

Bye for now xxx

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