Thursday, 7 August 2014

Driving diary lesson #2

So today I had my second driving lesson, I booked a two hour lessons because I feel its better to have more time in the care when you are learning. We went over everything that I learnt last week to make sure that I remembered, I may have forgot a tiny bit but he said its normal to forget at first. Today I was shown when to use your signals and how to reveres in a straight line, now that might seem like the simplest thing to do ever but I tell you know that when you are in the car doing it then it seems like the most difficult thing you will ever do. I wont lie to you, I don't have good clutch control, which is basically where you use the clutch to reverse slowly, for some reason I go a bit to fast doing this but I'm sure I will get the hang of it.

The other thing I did today was so scary, my instructor thought I was ready to tackle the round about, it wasn't a busy one but its still on the main road and I was in charge which for me was terrifying. Its weird being in control of the car going at more than 10 miles an hour, and I was going at about 29 miles which seemed so fast, I don't know why because I'm used to being in my mum and dads cars going about 70 miles on the motorway but I think it just felt weird at first because I was in charge.

I was really pleased with how I coped as I do get anxious about doing things like this, so the thought of me starting to drive and getting taught by a complete stranger was petrifying, but I've realised that you just have to do what scares you or you'll just keep plodding along and I want to go somewhere in life, metaphorically speaking in the sense that I don't want to be held back because I'm to scared. Driving for me is like saying goodbye to being a teenager and meeting adulthood, sorry to have gone of topic but this year I have done so much on my own, without having my parents to tell me what they think is best, and grown into my own person more, if that makes sense. I've always been to scared to do new things because I get scared about my family thinking its a bad decisions but now I just don't care, I'm my own person and I have to do things that will help me get where I want to be in the future and that means taking control of my life and doing what I feel is right instead of looking for direction and approval from others.

I cant wait for my next lesson, which is on Tuesday. Oh and I also did a 3 point turn today which did involve me driving my instructors car into the bush but he wasn't to bothered, whoops!.

Bye for now xxx

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