Sunday, 20 July 2014

What TV shows have taught me

After re-watching Mynameschai's video about what TV shows had taught him, I thought I would write about what shows have taught me (How original). So to start of, Doctor who has taught me that there's more adventures out there, if you go beyond your comfort zone and do things not in your daily routine, fair enough time lords aren't real, as much as that disappoints me I mean that anyone can have an adventure, you just have to go out and look for it.

Desperate housewives has shown me that not is all as it seems in quiet suburban streets, and in the end friendship will get you through hard times. The Simpsons has taught me that in animation you do not age, even after 25 seasons and over 400 episodes no one in Springfield gets older. Casualty (A hospital drama) has taught me some medical knowledge, well by that I mean I could probably diagnose a cold or a broken bone, anyone impressed?

Finally the IT crowd had taught me that Smarties cereal is not a healthy breakfast, turning a computer on and of again can actually fix the problem and that it is a good and funny idea to tell someone who is terrible with computers and technology, that they have the internet in a small box and that they have broken it.

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