Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mini mid week shopping spree

Today I fancied doing a haul type post. Now this will be quite bad because I didn't get that much and I haven't done a haul post before, so don't get your hopes up for a good post.

Since I started work I haven't had time to go shopping, even though I work in a shopping centre I unfortunately can spend hours in my favourite shops. With that in mind I dragged my shopping (I don't think she really planned on spending her day shopping, but she took me anyway because she's a great mum, well that and she probably didn't want me sulking.)

Our first stop (After the bank to get my money out) was primark, now I don't normally shop in primark because their sizes don't come up that big, and being a bigger person I'm normally disappointed when I cant find my size, but to my surprise the top I wanted was in the store in the size I need (I wont tell you as you may be shocked, sorry.) I really wanted to get all the Harry Potter tops that are in primark, at the minute they are selling a top with the Hogwarts logo on, and all the house tops. I looked last week in primark and they only had ravenclaw in size 8, so I wasn't happy but I managed to get a Slytherin top, which is a gorgeous emerald green colour. I really want to get them all but they only had the Slytherin one so I'll have to keep searching, I feel finding these tops may be like finding horcruxes (Little joke for the harry potter fans, well sort off, I'll move on before this become even more embarrassing.) This top was only £6 which I think is an absolute bargain. I also got myself some cotton black leggings to wear with it, as I might use this top as a pyjama top.

The next thing I got from primark was a bit of an impulse buy, I felt I really needed this for the winter (And yes I am aware that we have only just entered summer.) I got a really lovely bed throw which I so fluffy I cant even describe how amazingly warm it feels, this was only £10 and is really big so I know I will definitely fit round me in the winter. The throw is white with beautiful pink and blue flowers on it, they had other patterns but I do love anything floral and it matched my room better than the other patterns. 

I also went in HMV and looked at everything I think I need but ended up not buying anything, so instead I went into asda and got the new Ed Sheeran album, I would have got it in HMV but it was £11.99 and it was only £11 in asda, not much of a saving but thats 99p I can spend on something else. Oh and me and my mum also annoyed the women putting the new bottles of coke out, as we had move all of them looking for my name, unfortunately we didn't find a bottle with Chloe on it, so instead I had to settle for Matthew so you know, I was quite disappointed.

I may have also got myself a very pointless product, but I will need them if I ever have enough money to move out, which I wont but that how I've justified it. I went past a shop and was amazed to see Doctor who cups and Minnie mouse cups. I didn't really have a choice, my money was virtually in my hand the moment I saw them and now they're in the kitchen waiting to be used. They cost £8.99 for each set and I thought that was a really good price.

I also quickly nipped into lush and got myself 2 new bubble bars, which I have cut each into 8 little triangles so it will last me ages. I got the comfort bubble bar which smells like black current and the bright side bar which smells incredible and like oranges. 

Now this evening I need to relax before work again tomorrow, so I'm settling down with a J2O and using my new foot spa that my sister got me today, its really good and I would definitely recommend it to none who likes to pamper their feet or work on their feet all day. the foot spa is the Scholl pedicure foot spa and comes with a little pedicure set.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Bye for now xxx

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