Sunday, 6 July 2014

Marble nails

Hello, today I  thought I would do a tutorial type post for the marble nail effect. I have seen this done on YouTube by using water but I found a way to get the effect which for me works better. So to get this effect you will need two colours of nail varnish. I would suggest using contrasting colours but its up to you. I used Purple and light blue. You will also need an orange stick (I think that's what there called.) to swirl the colours together.

So start of by dotting a few blobs (Not the most technical term.) of each colour on our nail and then take your Orange stick and randomly swirl the colours until you are happy with the marble effect. I did have to add a little more blue to swirl into the colour. I also tried this effect on a false nail to try a different colour and I used red and purple instead. I prefer the red and purple just because the colours look better together. Below I will put some picture of how I got the effect and the false nail as well.

Bye for now xxx

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