Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Driving diaries lesson #1

Hello, I thought about making this a new little series type thing. I had my first ever driving lesson yesterday and thought if anyone is interested then I would chat about my different lessons so if your thinking about starting your driving lessons then you could get an idea of what you do in the lessons, now I know every instructors different but it can give you a little idea of what to expect.

So I'm going to get started before you get bored, I want to point out that I was extremely terrified about my first lesson, I didn't tell e instuctor or my parents that but I was paranoid that I would run someone over, which is silly because the instructor has control or the breaks and clutch so they can stop that from happening. I booked a 2 hour lesson which went so quickly, I did think abut doing a one hour lesson but I want to have more time in the car to fully get the hang and feel of driving.

When I got in the car the instuctor drove me to a quiet road where he then explained everything to me, showed my how to adjust my mirrors, went thought all the gears, showed me how to adjust my seat and answered any questions I had, and I can assure you there were many. After abut an hour i was allowed to drive, I only had to drive a little bit down the road at 10 miles an hour and I found that quite fast, but I'm sure I will get used to that. I also had to park the car next to the curb and Im proud to say my instructor said I did it really well and I didn't go up the curb.

I have booked my next lesson for next Thursday, which is a two hour lesson so I will be updating you all on how I get on, but I'm going to make a separate little page on this blog so you can go directly to them posts, only if you want to as I don't know how well you will all like the updates.

Also I'm starting another series called dream journal because I have so many weird and wonderful dreams that I want to write down so I may as well share them all with you.

Bye for now xxx

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