Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A little world of my own

I was on the train to work last week and I realised that while I live in the real world I actually spend most of my time of in my own little world, I spend my time daydreaming about my what I call "my dream world". In this little world of mine, my life is pretty much the same except I have my own little house and I have my dream bedroom, kitchen and everything is exactly how I want it.

This may sound ridiculous but I have it all planned out, I mean if I am ever in the situation where I can afford to move out and live in my own house (Don't get me wrong, I love living in my family home and I'm only 16 but its never to early to plan a future is it?) I know exactly how my dream house would be planned out, what I would have in my kitchen and every little detail planned out.

I thought it would be fun for me to design my dream home and show you some of the little bits and bobs I really want to have one day, now I know I will never be able to have my dream home but I like to dream and like the name of my blog states I am a daydreamer so I feel its okay for me to have this little world planned out.

My ideal house would have 3 bedrooms and overlook the beautiful sea in Devon, I would have a lovely garden, not to big but not to small. I would have a shabby chic theme running through my home with modern appliances.

Now I'm going to talk room by room how I plan my home would look like, and I'll put a few pictures of things that I've found that I really love.

Lets begin with the hallway, a very boring part of a house but I think it sets out the rest of your house, and since its normally the first part of peoples homes you see, I think the style of it is quite important. Now this wouldn't be big, but I think I would paint it a nice pastel blue, with slate tiles on the floor. I would like a nice vintage coat stand, and possible a shoe rack. Also I imagine I would have a small key cupboard and a mirror to make it look more spacious. Below I will put a few pictures of little bits I've found that I would have in my ideal hallway.

This is also from notonthehighstreet.com and I think
its about £20.

Now I'll chat about my perfect kitchen next, I think this is the room I want to be perfect, and my ideal kitchen would be really shabby chic and homely. The type of kitchen you could imagine someone baking in, if you can picture that. I would love the walls to be a pastel minty green on all the walls with cabinets and maybe a nice floral wallpaper as a feature wall on the wall where I imagine I would have a kitchen table next to. I would love a smeg fridge, now I know they aren't that big but I would have this more for decoration and would have a nice double fridge concealed behind a cupboard (Weird I know.). I've found so many cute things for baking on notonthehighstreet.com and really hope that they will still be on the website, because I really want be dream home to become a reality some day.

I saw the picture of this kitchen on google and it looks
how I imagine my kitchen to look like.

The living room, a place where I would love to overlook the sea. Possibly I would have a bay window with a window seat because I've always loved the look of them, and it would look great with cushions on. I would like the walls to be a very pale purple with a feature wall on tress on the wall I would have my TV on, Ive already found the sofas I want and because I would want it to feel homely I would like a nice big fluffy rug in the middle of the room to give it that cosy feel. I have found some great cushions online and I would love to have a massive book/ DVD case that could hold my many books.

I love the sofas they have on this program in England called this morning

I imagine I would have tonnes of fairy lights a
bit like these because I think they are really

My bedroom would probably be a mixture of pink and purples with a lovely bed which would be covered in cushions. I would love a dressing table and a chandelier. Here's a few pictures I found that I really love.
Here are some pictures of some other little bits that I found that I would love to have in my dream home one day, most of these are on notonthehighstreet.com and are so pretty.

All these products are on notonthehighstreet.com and I love them so much.Well I hope I didn't bore you to much but this was for a post and also if I can ever have my dream home I want to look back at this to see if my ideas change and to remember the bits that I may forget.

Bye for now xxx


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