Sunday, 27 July 2014

16 going on 17

So it was my birthday on Saturday and I finally turned 17. I think I was so excited about this simply on the basis that I am now officially old enough to learn to drive. At the start of July I sent of for my provisional and I've booked my first lesson for Monday, I am absolutely terrified, I think its just the thought of me in a car and I don't know how well I will get the hang of it.

On to another topic, I just thought I would mention some of the bits I got for my birthday. From my parents I got money, stationary that I have wanted for ages and some more mugs to add to my already full collection. The biggest surprise for me was that all my friends from work got me a really lovely gift. I worked my birthday and had a really great day, they all surprised me with a giant Millie's cookie which I will add a picture of at the end, a set of 5 flavoured syrups which I have been nattering on about for a few months, they all know that I wanted to try them in new recipes and a card which they all wrote a nice little message in. I was really surprised that they got me something, I really didn't expect anything and it showed me just how lovely and thoughtful they all are, so thank you all (Not that they know about my blog, but just in case then I wanted to thank them on here as well.).

One last little request from you all if you would all be so lovely, if any of you drive or are in the middle of your driving lessons then please leave a comment saying how you found it, were you nervous?, and how did you get over those nerves?

Bye for now xxx

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