Thursday, 31 July 2014

Baking mad

So today I got paid which meant I went shopping and got a tonne of stuff I felt I needed but probably don't, as I have no where to put it. I was actually quite good when buying it all, I mean I got nearly everything from either the 99p store and pound land, now I know some people don't like to shop in these shops but they have some lovely bits and pieces and there's no point buying the same product at triple the price.

I got so much baking stuff from the Jane Asher collection, which is all in pound land and its so lovely and they have a few different colours of each product. Because I'm sure none of you need me to tell you what the products are, I'm just going to caption the pictures with the shop and the price (I know most of it came from either pound land or 99p store but I did get some bits from asda as well.).

I just want to say that in no way am I trying to show off, I just wanted to show you my new bits I got for my baking and none of these product were expensive, believe me if they were I would not have got them.

I know that I went a little bit mad on baking bits but I love cooking and one day if I ever have my own place then all these bits and pieces will go in my kitchen.

Also lately I have been  slightly obsessed with a video off Carrie hope fletcher's performance of little fall of rain and I now want to go and Les miserables even more now.

Bye for now xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Driving diaries lesson #1

Hello, I thought about making this a new little series type thing. I had my first ever driving lesson yesterday and thought if anyone is interested then I would chat about my different lessons so if your thinking about starting your driving lessons then you could get an idea of what you do in the lessons, now I know every instructors different but it can give you a little idea of what to expect.

So I'm going to get started before you get bored, I want to point out that I was extremely terrified about my first lesson, I didn't tell e instuctor or my parents that but I was paranoid that I would run someone over, which is silly because the instructor has control or the breaks and clutch so they can stop that from happening. I booked a 2 hour lesson which went so quickly, I did think abut doing a one hour lesson but I want to have more time in the car to fully get the hang and feel of driving.

When I got in the car the instuctor drove me to a quiet road where he then explained everything to me, showed my how to adjust my mirrors, went thought all the gears, showed me how to adjust my seat and answered any questions I had, and I can assure you there were many. After abut an hour i was allowed to drive, I only had to drive a little bit down the road at 10 miles an hour and I found that quite fast, but I'm sure I will get used to that. I also had to park the car next to the curb and Im proud to say my instructor said I did it really well and I didn't go up the curb.

I have booked my next lesson for next Thursday, which is a two hour lesson so I will be updating you all on how I get on, but I'm going to make a separate little page on this blog so you can go directly to them posts, only if you want to as I don't know how well you will all like the updates.

Also I'm starting another series called dream journal because I have so many weird and wonderful dreams that I want to write down so I may as well share them all with you.

Bye for now xxx

Monday, 28 July 2014

My favourite places

I have never been on Holiday outside of the UK so my favourite places probably aren't the most interesting but they old great memories for me. One of my favourite places is burgh island on Bigbury beach in Devon, I love this place because me and my family used to go to Devon every year for our holiday. The beach is beautiful and when you are standing on the top of burgh island and looking out, its like you forget about everything and the view is just breathtaking. The beach is lovely and we had so much fun there, it sounds childish but we used to make mermaids and sharks out of the sand and pebbles, and this is one of my best memories.

My second favourite place is Dartmouth which is in Devon. I really love this little town because it has really cute shops hidden away down little roads and its on the river dart which is really lovely. the other reason why I love this place is because when I was little me and my family went crabbing there (Sounds boring but for a six year old it was quite fun.). Now this didn't really go to plan as when my aunt told me to throw the line in, I took that to me throw the hold thing in and lost my line. Now because my family are so lovely and probably didn't want a six year moaning at them they got me another one but made sure I wasn't stupid enough to throw the whole thing in.

Its memories like this that make these places my favourite because I spend my Holiday with all the people I Love most in the world and have great memories of all the places we have been together. Below I will put a few pictures of the places, these aren't my own pictures because I didn't have very good ones so I got them of Google, sorry.

Hope that didn't bore anyone to much but I thought I'd share the places with you.
Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

16 going on 17

So it was my birthday on Saturday and I finally turned 17. I think I was so excited about this simply on the basis that I am now officially old enough to learn to drive. At the start of July I sent of for my provisional and I've booked my first lesson for Monday, I am absolutely terrified, I think its just the thought of me in a car and I don't know how well I will get the hang of it.

On to another topic, I just thought I would mention some of the bits I got for my birthday. From my parents I got money, stationary that I have wanted for ages and some more mugs to add to my already full collection. The biggest surprise for me was that all my friends from work got me a really lovely gift. I worked my birthday and had a really great day, they all surprised me with a giant Millie's cookie which I will add a picture of at the end, a set of 5 flavoured syrups which I have been nattering on about for a few months, they all know that I wanted to try them in new recipes and a card which they all wrote a nice little message in. I was really surprised that they got me something, I really didn't expect anything and it showed me just how lovely and thoughtful they all are, so thank you all (Not that they know about my blog, but just in case then I wanted to thank them on here as well.).

One last little request from you all if you would all be so lovely, if any of you drive or are in the middle of your driving lessons then please leave a comment saying how you found it, were you nervous?, and how did you get over those nerves?

Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nutella and coffee cake

 Me again and once again I'm writing about yet another cake I have made. Sorry I didn't post mid week last week but Ive been a tiny bit busy but I promise I will make more time next week. Now my approach to baking is a bit weird, if I cant find one ingredient or there is something in my kitchen cupboard that needs to be used, then in a cake it goes.

I'm going to stop rambling on now and get on with the recipe. This is probably the quickest and easiest cake I've made to date and it still tasted delicious.

You will need;
100g butter.
100g nutella.
4 eggs.
200g sugar.
200g self-raising flour
1/2tsp baking powder.

You will also need about 400g butter cream, I took the lazy persons way out and got some from Morrison's and then added about 50g nutella and a teaspoon of cold coffee.

So since this recipe is so simple there aren't many pictures today, so here goes.....

Step 1;
Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, oh this is just a little side note that I need to tell you all, at the weekend I got myself a Breville mixer and blender, I don't have my own place to put them in but I'm determined to have them in my own kitchen.

Step 2;
Split the mixture between two 9inch cake pans and bake for about 20-25minutes. When they have finished baking leave them to cool until they are completely cool.

Step 3;
Mix together all the butter cream and check to see if the taste is how you like it, I'm not a massive coffee love so I only added a tiny bit but its completely up to you how much you add.

Step 4;
Put about 1/3 of the butter cream on the first half of the cake and spread evenly, I sprinkled a few chocolate sprinkles on to add a bit of crunch but you can add anything you like. Next put the top layer on and then put the rest of the butter cream on the top and then decorate, I had some kit Kat's I wasn't going to eat so I made a little pattern on the top.

I almost forgot to tell you, I also added 2tsp of biscuit spread. This is the most delicious thing ever, your supposed to put it on toast but me and my sister have been known to eat it straight from the jar, don't just us please we just like biscuit spread, you should all try it. Actually let me know in the comments if anyone has had this delicious spread.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

What TV shows have taught me

After re-watching Mynameschai's video about what TV shows had taught him, I thought I would write about what shows have taught me (How original). So to start of, Doctor who has taught me that there's more adventures out there, if you go beyond your comfort zone and do things not in your daily routine, fair enough time lords aren't real, as much as that disappoints me I mean that anyone can have an adventure, you just have to go out and look for it.

Desperate housewives has shown me that not is all as it seems in quiet suburban streets, and in the end friendship will get you through hard times. The Simpsons has taught me that in animation you do not age, even after 25 seasons and over 400 episodes no one in Springfield gets older. Casualty (A hospital drama) has taught me some medical knowledge, well by that I mean I could probably diagnose a cold or a broken bone, anyone impressed?

Finally the IT crowd had taught me that Smarties cereal is not a healthy breakfast, turning a computer on and of again can actually fix the problem and that it is a good and funny idea to tell someone who is terrible with computers and technology, that they have the internet in a small box and that they have broken it.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Hello, this post will probably be short because I don't own much jewellery and don't wear a lot either but I wanted to just chat about my favourite pieces.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is my "Once upon a time" necklace, I got this a few years ago and I think it was from topshop. I was quite expensive for me, well it was £20 which for a necklace I thought was a bit much but after a few weeks pestering my mum, she got it for me. I really love this necklace because its gold and I just think that that the little charms that hang of it as well are really cute. The one pain about this necklace is that if you put it down and don't keep it on a jewellery stand it get tangled really badly, I spend a good 30 minutes un-tangling it so I could take a picture of it.

The next this is my pink and gold shamballa bracelet, I love this because I think the colours are beautiful and also my aunt got this for me. I used to wear this a lot at school before they became more strict about jewellery.  

I love my heart earrings which were a present form my aunt and uncle, I think they are absolutely gorgeous and they are really sparkly. I'm no sure where they got these from but I think it was from warren Jones. 

The last thing is my flower bracelet, I really love this and it goes really well with all spring and summer outfits. My sister gave me this about a year ago and I think its really pretty, I'm not sure where she got it but I have a feeling it may have been from accessorize. 

So I hope you  liked that post, I know it was but I just wanted to show you all some of my favourite pieces.
Bye for now xxx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A little world of my own

I was on the train to work last week and I realised that while I live in the real world I actually spend most of my time of in my own little world, I spend my time daydreaming about my what I call "my dream world". In this little world of mine, my life is pretty much the same except I have my own little house and I have my dream bedroom, kitchen and everything is exactly how I want it.

This may sound ridiculous but I have it all planned out, I mean if I am ever in the situation where I can afford to move out and live in my own house (Don't get me wrong, I love living in my family home and I'm only 16 but its never to early to plan a future is it?) I know exactly how my dream house would be planned out, what I would have in my kitchen and every little detail planned out.

I thought it would be fun for me to design my dream home and show you some of the little bits and bobs I really want to have one day, now I know I will never be able to have my dream home but I like to dream and like the name of my blog states I am a daydreamer so I feel its okay for me to have this little world planned out.

My ideal house would have 3 bedrooms and overlook the beautiful sea in Devon, I would have a lovely garden, not to big but not to small. I would have a shabby chic theme running through my home with modern appliances.

Now I'm going to talk room by room how I plan my home would look like, and I'll put a few pictures of things that I've found that I really love.

Lets begin with the hallway, a very boring part of a house but I think it sets out the rest of your house, and since its normally the first part of peoples homes you see, I think the style of it is quite important. Now this wouldn't be big, but I think I would paint it a nice pastel blue, with slate tiles on the floor. I would like a nice vintage coat stand, and possible a shoe rack. Also I imagine I would have a small key cupboard and a mirror to make it look more spacious. Below I will put a few pictures of little bits I've found that I would have in my ideal hallway.

This is also from and I think
its about £20.

Now I'll chat about my perfect kitchen next, I think this is the room I want to be perfect, and my ideal kitchen would be really shabby chic and homely. The type of kitchen you could imagine someone baking in, if you can picture that. I would love the walls to be a pastel minty green on all the walls with cabinets and maybe a nice floral wallpaper as a feature wall on the wall where I imagine I would have a kitchen table next to. I would love a smeg fridge, now I know they aren't that big but I would have this more for decoration and would have a nice double fridge concealed behind a cupboard (Weird I know.). I've found so many cute things for baking on and really hope that they will still be on the website, because I really want be dream home to become a reality some day.

I saw the picture of this kitchen on google and it looks
how I imagine my kitchen to look like.

The living room, a place where I would love to overlook the sea. Possibly I would have a bay window with a window seat because I've always loved the look of them, and it would look great with cushions on. I would like the walls to be a very pale purple with a feature wall on tress on the wall I would have my TV on, Ive already found the sofas I want and because I would want it to feel homely I would like a nice big fluffy rug in the middle of the room to give it that cosy feel. I have found some great cushions online and I would love to have a massive book/ DVD case that could hold my many books.

I love the sofas they have on this program in England called this morning

I imagine I would have tonnes of fairy lights a
bit like these because I think they are really

My bedroom would probably be a mixture of pink and purples with a lovely bed which would be covered in cushions. I would love a dressing table and a chandelier. Here's a few pictures I found that I really love.
Here are some pictures of some other little bits that I found that I would love to have in my dream home one day, most of these are on and are so pretty.

All these products are on and I love them so much.Well I hope I didn't bore you to much but this was for a post and also if I can ever have my dream home I want to look back at this to see if my ideas change and to remember the bits that I may forget.

Bye for now xxx