Thursday, 5 June 2014

"You can do anything you set your mind to...(Just sometimes takes a while in life.)."

Its been a while since I've posted during the week but for once I have actually been busy. So over the past few weeks my life has change a lot. After nearly a year of searching for a job I was offered full time working in a new store that's opening near to where I live. Now this wont be very exciting for most people but I cant even express how relieved and happy I am to finally be working, the women who offered me a job is so lovely and has been so helpful.

Whilst I am grateful that I finally have a job, this has meant that for the past few weeks (And for the next two) I have been in London for 3 days a week doing my training. Now London isn't far from where I live but it means I have to travel 2 hours there and 2 hours back and I get stressed about using the underground. The store that I have been training with is really busy at times and has a great team of staff who have been very patient with me and have taught me what I need to know.

Now that I'm earning I could go mad and buy everything I want and be irresponsible with money, instead I have decided that I will put about £300 away each month in a savings account so that in the summer/ Autumn I can start my driving lessons and hopefully get my own car.

That's about all that's happened in the last month, and while its only one thing, it has made me feel so much better, now I don't want to get all serious but now that I have this job its given me back the feeling of importance, like its given me something to focus on and I can now look forward to my future without worrying about money or feeling like I'm disappointing people. I know that no one in my family would feel disappointed if I didn't have a job because they know how hard I've tried in the past year, but I finally feel like a weight has been lifted (unfortunately not of my body, still need to crack on with the diet.).

I can now relax, well as much as I can with a full time job and look forward to my future, focus on my job and most importantly my family as they (as cheesy as it sound, but everyone loves a bit of cheese once in a while.) provide me with constant love and support no matter how stroppy and annoying I am and I want to be able to get them things and take my cousins and family on fun girly/ family days out.

I've rambled on long enough so I'll wrap this up with me new favourite quote which came from my lovely aunt, "You can do anything you set your mind to...(Just sometimes takes a while in life.)". So if anyone reading this feels like they cant do something or is just feeling a bit down, remember that quote and just keep trying because I promise you that no matter what you want in life, if you set your mind it then you will get there eventually.

Thanks for reading x
Bye for now xxx

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    I actually really like your blogs :) i just wanted to let you know that i think there a good quality and i really enjoy the content :) I like blogs that make me think a bit and some of yours definitely do :)

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